Tenet Screening Interrupted by Partial Ceiling Collapse in a Movie Theater

A screening of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet in Singapore left two people injured when part of the ceiling collapsed. Many countries all over the world were able to finally check out the highly anticipated movie over the weekend. As of this writing, Tenet is still scheduled to open up in North America in select theaters next weekend. When most of the world is concerned with the ongoing public health crisis while returning to a movie theater, it looks like the structural safety of certain buildings needs to be checked out now too.

The incident occurred today, around 5pm Singapore time at the Shaw Theatres NEX Mall. Viewers were enjoying a screening of Tenet when a large piece of the ventilation duct crashed through the ceiling. “It hurt because a piece of the ceiling hit my head, and my heart was racing,” said one viewer. “It was really confusing because we thought the sounds from the crashing was from speakers behind us.” Two of the injured Tenet viewers were immediately transported to the hospital for treatment. It’s not clear how serious the injuries are at this time.

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Shaw Theatres confirmed that the incident occurred. “Unfortunately, two patrons were injured. They were quickly attended to by our staff and then by paramedics who arrived. They were subsequently taken to the hospital,” they said in a statement. As of this writing, the theater is now shut down until further notice. Pictures from the theater confirm that the piece of the ventilation duct is actually quite big and one would assume that it hit a lot more than just two people on its way down.

Another Tenet viewer says, “I heard a weird crumbling sound and saw dust falling followed by big blocks falling from the ceiling. My first reactions were to cover my head. The next moment, I saw the cable holding the ventilation up hanging next to me.” According to eyewitnesses, most of the theater got up and ran out of the theater out of fear. Another viewer said, “It was totally unexpected because… how dangerous could a cinema be? We were all zoning into the movie.” So far, it only seems that two people needed medical attention after the incident.

Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan hoped to open Tenet in theaters back in July as an attempt to salvage the summer 2020 season. Obviously, that was not able to happen. The studio and director then agreed upon a staggered international release, which seems to be working out, though United States viewers have to wait until next week. Since only about 62% of theaters are currently open in North America, some diehard Nolan fans are booking flights to other states in order to see the movie in a theater. As to whether or not fans will be flocking to see the movie next week, we’ll just have to wait and see. Must Share News was the first to report on the Singapore screening of Tenet incident.

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