Tenet Wins 4th Consecutive Weekend at the Box Office with $3.4M

Tenet is the number one movie in North America for the fourth consecutive week. The latest offering from Christopher Nolan brought in an additional $3.4 million domestically, which is pretty dismal when compared to this time last year. Rambo: Last Blood debuted on September 20th, 2019 with $18.8 million domestically, for comparison. Internationally, Tenet was able to earn an additional $15.8 million, which brings its grand global total to $283.2 million.

With a reported $200 million price tag, Tenet still has a long way to go before making any money back for Warner Bros. Generally, a movie is set to turn a profit when it makes it’s the bulk of its money domestically, but that has not been the case with Tenet, since not all theaters in the major markets are open. Even so, people are going to the movie theaters less due to the public health crisis, which is still raging on. However, Warner Bros. could end up making some extra money with the Blu-ray release, which is rumored to come out on December 15th.

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Fox’s The New Mutants took the second spot at the box office this weekend after bringing in $1.1 million. To date, the Marvel movie has brought in just over $35.9 million globally since it opened in theaters. While excitement was high about the movie coming out, fans have not been able to check it out in theaters, which may have Disney regretting not taking it to streaming beforehand.

Russell Crowe’s Unhinged took the third spot this weekend after bringing in $1 million. The thriller hit theaters on August 14th and has been able to round up $26.2 million globally. Number four went to Break the Silence, which also earned $1 million. As for the fifth position, that went to The Empire Strikes Back 40 anniversary screenings. The Star Wars rerelease was able to bring in $908,000 over the weekend, which was more than enough to earn its place in the top five for the final weekend in September.

Infidel, The Broken Hearts Gallery, Shortcut, The Last Shift and Kajillionaire rounded out the top ten this weekend. Many assumed that The Empire Strikes Back was going to be able to get people back into theaters, but that was not to be. North American theaters are still, for the most part, shut down, and even in the cities where they’re open, people aren’t flocking to go sit in a room with strangers for up to 3 hours. It’s going to be a while before things get back to some kind of normalcy at the movies. Let’s just hope theaters can hold on. This weekend’s box office numbers come to us from The Numbers.

  • Box Office
  • 1. Tenet – $3.4 Million
  • 2. The New Mutants – $1.1 Million
  • 3. Break the Silence – $1 Million
  • 4. Unhinged – $1 Million
  • 5. The Empire Strikes Back – $908K
  • 6. Infidel – $745K
  • 7. The Broken Hearts Gallery – $470K
  • 8. Shortcut – $305K
  • 9. The Last Shift – $235K
  • 10. Kajillionaire – $215K
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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