The Batman Continuing to Film Without Robert Pattinson Is Fake News

The Batman production is still on pause, despite rumors stating otherwise. Earlier this morning, it was reported that Matt Reeves was soldiering on without his leading man after Robert Pattinson tested positive for coronavirus. It was believed that halting the production would cost Warner Bros. up to $6 million per day, but studio insiders have since denied the report. For the time being, the cast and crew of the highly anticipated movie are self-isolating for the next few weeks to ensure a safe return to the set.

It was announced yesterday that The Batman production had to halt production due to the ongoing public health crisis. When Warner Bros. made their announcement, they did not specify who had tested positive, but it was later proven to be the movie’s star, Robert Pattinson. No further details were given, but it seems that Matt Reeves will have some more time on his hands to tweak the story and figure out the best way to move forward after a second setback.

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The Batman production had only been back to work for a few days before having to shut down again. Matt Reeves and crew originally had to shut down back in March, like most of the major Hollywood productions after the public health crisis took over. The crew went from shooting on location to having to shoot inside Pinewood Studios for safety reasons, though it doesn’t seem like that worked in the production’s favor at the moment. Regardless, it is believed that show will go on in a few weeks as long as Robert Pattinson and the rest of the crew are healthy enough to continue.

While Matt Reeves estimates that he was only able to shoot about 30% of The Batman, the director delivered a decent amount of footage in the movie’s first trailer. Reeves debuted the footage at the DC FanDome event a few weeks ago and fans were stunned by the amount of footage that Reeves was able to compile and share with the world. The footage is dark, as one would expect it to be, though it has a more realistic look with less leaning on special effects than what we’ve seen in the past.

Anybody who was on the fence about Robert Pattinson taking on the role of the Dark Knight was more than likely persuaded by the first footage from The Batman. The footage quickly went viral and brought a deeper Nirvana cut back into the public consciousness in the process. For now, DC fans are going to have to savor this footage since it’s all we’re going to have for the next several months, especially if production has to halt again after this. Variety was the first outlet to prove The Batman production restart rumors false. For now, the cast and crew are all taking a breather from the movie while Robert Pattinson rests.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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