The Biggest Fall Nail Trends And How To Easily Recreate Them

We often associate the changing seasons with changing wardrobes. We trade sandals for booties, sundresses for sweaters, and pastels to warm jewel tones. 

But clothes and shoes aren’t the only things that change with the season. A good manicure is the cherry on top of a great autumn look. 

Still, as the weather gets colder, germs spread more easily. If getting cozy with a nail tech doesn’t sound super appealing, we don’t blame you. Luckily, the hottest nail trends this fall are easily achievable at home.

Here’s how to get these eye-catching looks.

Make It Matte

Want a fall look without buying all new polish? Turn your summer colors matte. Use a top coat polish like JINsoon Matte Top Coat Maker to transform your high-gloss neons into rich, muted hues.

Or, if you’re like me and can never decide which look to pick, mix up your topcoats. After applying a base color, cover one-half of the nail with painter’s tape. 

Add a matte top coat to the uncovered side, peel off the tape, and boom: a killer fall look in ten seconds.

Tidy Up The Tips

Forget choosing a color; this fall, it’s all about choosing your nail tips. Whether stiletto, almond, coffin, or round, your nail shape determines the whole vibe of your mani. 

So, why not pay them some special attention? Kitty cat tips are easy to recreate at home with painter’s tape and your favorite color. 

This look works best on long nails. If your natural nails stay fairly short, try a DIY nail extension kit for added length. 

Too tired to paint your extensions after you’re done? Go with an all-the-rage glass tip look instead.

Fancify Your French Mani

If the last time you had a French mani was at your sophomore year prom, I’m here to bring you good news. French manis are back, but not in the way you might think. 

This season, nail techs are shaking things up with modernized French manis. Use half-moon guides to paint on crisp French tips with futuristic colors like gold, chrome, or this gorgeous iridescent copper. 

Plus, not to encourage indecisiveness, but you have ten fingers. Why settle for one color? Modernize your mani by using five different shades to achieve an ombre French tip effect.

Never Underestimate Negative Space

Finally, elaborate nail designs are tough. A super cute cat I draw with my dominant hand is definitely going to look like a gargoyle on the other. 

But thankfully, negative space designs are on fire right now. And despite their high-quality appearance, these cut-out looks can be recreated by even the greenest of nail techs. 

To achieve this negative space look, place a sticker on your nail before applying the basecoat. (I love these Halloween-inspired stickers because, fall, duh.) 

Paint, peel, and voila! Your nails will look spooky good. 

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