‘The Crown’ Resumes Filming After Brief Hiatus To Honor Queen Elizabeth II’s Passing

“The Crown” has great news for its followers! 

News of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing shook the world, especially the United Kingdom; as was expected, the media covered the activities from the time of the Royal Family’s announcement while businesses found ways to honor the late Matriarch. 

One of those ways was to shut down for a few days in her honor, and the popular TV series was one of the enterprises that took a break from activities to pay homage to the late Monarch.

“The Crown” Resumes In New Location After Brief Hiatus

"The Crown" post on Instagram
Instagram | The Crown

The show chronicles the life of the late Queen from the first season, which covered her ascent to the throne at a young age and her subsequent marriage to Prince Phillip, to the sixth and final season, set to cover her reign into the 21st century.

According to PEOPLE, fans of the historical series might not have to wait too long for its final season as the show that is currently depicting the life of the late Princess Diana before her tragic death has resumed filming. 

The cast and crew are currently filming in Barcelona, Spain, as evidenced by pictures captured by the magazine, which show Elizabeth Debicki, the actress recreating late Diana’s trip in 1997 to Bosnia.

The updated production details on the series come after the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, had previously explained their production plan, as reported by The Blast“The Crown is a love letter to [the Queen], and I’ve nothing to add, for now, just silence and respect. I expect we will stop filming out of respect too,” he said in a statement to Deadline.

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It also seems that the hit show may have had plans long ago on what to do if the Queen passed on while it was running. Director Stephen Daldry revealed that although they could not tell when it would happen, it would be fitting to show proper honor to the late Monarch. 

“She’s a global figure, and it’s what we should do,” he added. Stephen also noted that people would be understandably upset if she were not honored as she was an exemplary woman. While “The Crown” was paying its tribute by pausing production, actress Helen Mirren who portrayed the late Queen in the movie “The Queen,” – which was also created by Morgan, took to her Instagram page to pay tribute. 

Mirren wrote alongside the post featuring the late Matriarch posed in a portrait from her younger years that she is proud to be Elizabethan. She then added, “We mourn a woman who, with or without the crown, was the epitome of nobility.”

“The Crown” Followership Increases Massively After Queen Elizabeth’s Passing

"The Crown" post on Instagram
Instagram | The Crown

While the passing of the Queen may have prompted the series to pause filming and production, it sure did not stop the public from tuning in to the show. As reported by CNN, the show ranked top 10 on Netflix.

The series recorded 17.6 million hours of streaming by subscribers, according to Netflix, making it one step ahead as the most watched English show on the platform of “Stranger Things” in seventh place. 

It is worthy of note that last year the show took home significant prizes at the Emmy Awards ceremony – Outstanding Drama Series and gold for some of the main cast, Josh O’Connor, who played Prince Charles, Gillian Anderson [Margaret Thatcher], and Tobias Menzies [Prince Phillip]. 

The final season is set to premiere in November and will feature “Harry Potter” star Imelda Staunton in the role of Queen Elizabeth.

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