The Flash Movie Has a Lot of DC Characters, Restarts DCEU Without Forgetting Anything

The filmmakers behind The Flash movie have dished some new details on the project during day 2 of DC Fandome. The second part of DC’s massive online event is happening today and a Q&A with director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbara Muschietti and star Ezra Miller was released. During the virtual panel, they pulled back the curtain on the long-awaited solo flick, which will feature lots of DC characters and restarts everything.

The movie has been in the works for a very long time but finally seems to be coming together. What is also clear, based on what we know, is that it will alter the fabric of the DC universe, with Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman both getting in on the action. Barbara Muschietti didn’t want to reveal too much but wasn’t shy about declaring its significance. Here’s what she had to say about it.

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“Well, I want you to go see it, so I’m not going to tell you a lot. But what I will tell you is that it’s a ride. It’s going to be fun and exciting and there are a lot of DC characters in it. Flash is the superhero of this film because he is the bridge between all of these characters and timelines. And in a way, it restarts everything and doesn’t forget anything.”

Given that Barry Allen will be messing with timelines and alternate realities, any DC character from any on-screen iteration could, in theory, be included. What we know for sure is that the movie will be inspired by the Flashpoint storyline. Director Andy Muschietti, speaking to that, promised that it will contain many surprises and will differ from the source material.

“Our movie Flash is based on Flashpoint but it’s not going to be exactly like Flashpoint. Our movie is inspired by the original comic book saga. So you’re going to find a lot of surprises and new events, and a lot of thrilling things that are not in the comic book.”

Ezra Miller previously played the Scarlet Speedster briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before appearing in Justice League. The actor was asked what the biggest challenge is in making the first solo movie centered on The Flash. Miller said it’s all about getting it right for the sake of the fans.

“The number one challenge is our commitment to you, the fans. Because really, the biggest challenge for us is an insistence on getting it right. That’s been the greatest challenge so far is that we refuse to settle for anything less than a perfect iteration of this character that initially brings forth as many of the beloved factors of Barry Allen as we possibly can in a single movie.”

There is no word yet on when production is expected to take place. Ezra Miller first needs to finish filming Fantastic Beasts 3, which is expected to be done by the end of the year. The Flash is currently set to hit theaters on June 3, 2022. You can check out the full Q&A from the official website.

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