The Latest On Brad Pitt And Alia Shawkat’s Rumored Relationship

Alia Shawkat Was Going To Give Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt A Baby?

And just when we thought the rumors couldn’t get more outlandish, the tabloids finally switched gears and alleged Shawkat was pregnant – but pregnant with a twist. A few weeks ago, New Idea absurdly claimed Brad Pitt and Jennifer asked Alia Shawkat to be their surrogate. First, the tabloids asserted Pitt and Shawkat were dating, but not the magazine was claiming Shawkat and Pitt were just close, “like siblings,” and Pitt was back with Aniston. Not only were they back together, but they had convinced Alia Shawkat to carry their child? How ridiculous does that sound? Just to be on the safe side, Gossip Cop checked with a spokesperson for Aniston who confirmed the insane article wasn’t true.

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