The Mandalorian Prequel Series About Boba Fett’s Post-Jedi Years Being Planned at Disney+?

Lucasfilm is reportedly developing The Mandalorian prequel series and is already in the casting phase. As for what the prequel series could be about, the second season of the hit Disney+ show may have just provided a strong hint. It is believed that the series will revolve around Boba Fett and turn into the long-awaited project featuring the bounty hunter that fans have been wondering about for years now. There are SPOILERS for The Mandalorian season 2 below, so read ahead at your own risk.

According to a new report, Lucasfilm is looking to cast a character named Kelton for The Mandalorian prequel series. The role is an action-heavy supporting role: “23 to 27 years old, all ethnicities male. British. Athletic. Fit. Strong-willed and confident, bordering on arrogant. Witchy. SUPPORTING” The second description is for a character named Lacey. She will be in a leadership position: “23 to 30 years old, all ethnicities female. Preppy. Strong build. Leader. Will do anything to accomplish her goals, including lying to her own team. SUPPORTING.”

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While it has not been confirmed that the prequel series will indeed be a Boba Fett miniseries, reports state that the mystery series will take place with Boba Fett on Tatooine in the years after Return of the Jedi and before The Mandalorian, which is where Star Wars fans saw him team up with Din Djarin on his new mission. The aforementioned characters are allegedly part of a gang that Boba Fett will come into contact with, though that has also not been officially confirmed at this time. The “witchy” description in the casting notes leads one to believe that Kelton could be Force-sensitive.

Star Wars fans were more than excited to see Temuera Morrison back with the franchise after so many years. But seeing Boba Fett back in his iconic armor in The Mandalorian Chapter 14 was more than most fans were expecting. Now, there are all kinds of rumors and speculation about a spin-off series, which could very well be The Mandalorian prequel series, though it is unclear of Lucasfilm will actually market a possible series in that way. It is also more than possible that this particular show could involve Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan Kryze, or maybe even Cara Dune and the New Republic.

Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have created a monster with The Mandalorian and Star Wars fans are already looking for more. With the addition of Ahsoka Tano, speculation has started about a live-action version of Thrawn with Ezra Bridger showing up in their own series. Some are under the impression that Thrawn and Bridger could show up in The Mandalorian at some point. Regardless, fans, for the most part, seem to be very pleased with the way that season 2 of the hit Disney+ series is going. The Direct was the first to report on the casting for The Mandalorian prequel series.

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