The Mandalorian Season 2 Has More of Pedro Pascal Under the Helmet This Time Around

The Mandalorian season 2 features more of Din Djarin actor Pedro Pascal. Many Star Wars fans were shocked to learn that Pascal wasn’t always the man in the Mando armor during the course of season 1. Stunt doubles were used a lot, while Pascal provided the voice and appeared without his helmet in one pivotal scene at the conclusion of season 1. However, that changed during the course of making season 2.

Since Pedro Pascal is mostly hidden behind Din Djarin’s armor, rumors started to circulate that he was unhappy with his role on The Mandalorian. In a new interview, the actor debunks those rumors, but does say there were some feelings of uneasiness when it came time to let someone else take over. You can read what he had to say about it below.

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“If there were more than just a couple of pages of a one-on-one scene, I did feel uneasy about not, in some instances, being able to totally author that. But it was so easy in such a sort of practical and unexciting way for it to be up to them. When you’re dealing with a franchise as large as this, you are such a passenger to however they’re going to carve it out. It’s just so specific. It’s Star Wars.”

In the interview with Pedro Pascal, the interviewer notes that the actor is in more of The Mandalorian season 2, though most of the stunts were done by others. “I mean, come on, there isn’t a face! If you want to say, ‘You’re the silhouette’ – which is also a team effort – then, yeah,” Pascal said before cutting short, “Can we just cut the sh*t and talk about the Child?” Obviously, Pascal could not reveal if his helmet comes off again in the second season, but Star Wars fans are already starting to speculate about that aspect of the show. When season 1 came with so many surprises, many are wondering if the Disney+ series will be able to keep it up for season 2.

The majority of Star Wars fans were very impressed by The Mandalorian right from the start. Pedro Pascal also knew there was something special happening when he first got involved. “I hope this doesn’t sound like me fashioning myself like I’m, you know, so smart, but I agreed to do this [show] because the impression I had when I had my first meeting was that this is the next big sh*t,” he said. Though nobody really had any idea how well the show was going to do, Pascal and crew knew it was going to be special.

The Mandalorian season 2 will premiere at the end of the month, exclusively on Disney+. When touching back on not always playing the man in the Mando armor, Pedro Pascal said, “The transience is something that I’m incredibly familiar with, you know? Understanding the opportunity for complexity under all of the armor was not hard for me.” Whatever the case may be, Pascal seems perfectly fine with his place in the Star Wars universe. The interview with Pedro Pascal was originally conducted by Variety.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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