The ‘Office Ladies’ Reminisce With ‘Viewing Party’ Throwback Pics On Social Media

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer are reminiscing about their old cast viewing parties with throwback pics on social media in honor of their most recent podcast episode. During their “Office Ladies” podcast, the two friends break down the “Viewing Party” episode of “The Office” giving some little known behind-the-scenes information.

The Office viewing party
Jenna Fischer – Instagram

“The Office” Cast Took Turns Hosting Viewing Parties

Fischer, who played Pam on “The Office,” posted an old photo on Instagram from a viewing party she hosted captioned, “Throwback photo of an Office cast viewing party that I hosted in my living room….we featured this in our book The Office BFFs.” The caption went on to say, “The tradition of gathering and watching the show together each week went on for YEARS. I think @paulfeig and Laurie Feig get the award for hosting the most of these but it seems like everyone hosted at some point.”

Her caption went on to talk about what the two podcast hosts will be focusing on during their next podcast. “And, today on Office Ladies we are breaking down the Viewing Party episode…you know the one where Gabe hosts a Glee viewing party, Andy eats too many crushed seahorses, Michael mangles the pizza, and Dwight is the only one who can soothe a fussy baby.”

The Office viewing party
Angela Kinsey – Instagram

Angela Kinsey Said The Viewing Parties Were Some Of Her “Fondest Memories”

Kinsey, who played Angela on the show, also took to Instagram to post a throwback snap. “Here’s a throw back for ya! My The Office viewing party that I hosted in 2005! (Please note my tv! Old tech alert!),” she wrote. “We used to take turns hosting viewing parties at our houses to watch each week’s new episode. We did this for years! They are some of my fondest memories of my time on The Office.”

A few of the cast chimed in with comments on the post. Fischer wrote, “Love ❤️.” Mindy Kaling who played the role of Kelly Kapoor added, “Angela omg.” And Kate Flannery, who played Meredith said, “Omg!!! Love this!!”

Kaling loved it so much, she reposted the photo on her Instagram page adding to Kinsey’s caption, “Ange posted this yesterday and I couldn’t believe how young we all look and also how hot Steve was.” A sea of comments agreed with Kaling about Steve Carrell’s hotness. “Was? Ma’am, he’s a HOTTIE forever, now maybe even more 🥵🥵,” one follower wrote. Another added, “He gets better with age too!”

Office Ladies Podcast
Jenna Fischer – Instagram

The “Office Ladies” Gave Some Behind-The-Scenes Info On The “Viewing Party” Episode

During the podcast, the two besties broke down the “Viewing Party” episode of the show, and asnwered some fan questions. One fan asked why they chose to watch the show “Glee” during this episode. Kinsey said, “I’m curious about that too. Do you know the answer?” Fischer answered that at the time, “Glee” was the highest rated scripted show at any network.

“Supposedly, at the 2010 Emmy Awards, ‘The Office’ producers and writers were seated near the folks from ‘Glee,’” she explained. She continued by explaining that the idea of the folks from “The Office” having a viewing party watching “Glee” was a well-received idea but didn’t happen easily. “Well, it wasn’t that easy because you know ‘Glee’ was on Fox, it wasn’t on NBC,” Fischer said.

The podcast went on to talk more about the episode – where it was filmed, the call sheet information, and about their cast viewing parties. “I loved our cast viewing parties. They were so fun,” Kinsey said. “I also just love that we were seven years into this show and we were still so excited to get together and watch an episode together.”

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