‘The Real’ Host Jeannie Mai Pregnant With First Child, How Jeezy Convinced Her To Give Kids A Chance

On Monday, Jeannie Mai revealed she and Jeezy are expecting their first child together. The announcement came on the season eight premiere of The Real, much to fans’ delight. In addition to the pregnancy announcement, Mai also revealed how Jeezy eventually convinced her to want to have children. 

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s Relationship

Initially, having children was nowhere on Mai’s radar, even as she was dating now-husband Jeezy. “I always said, ‘I’d never be a mom,’” Mai admitted. Even when Mai told Jeezy she didn’t want kids, the rapper said he was completely okay with her decision. At the beginning of their relationship, Mai wanted to “just have fun and date and get to know each other.” 

But Mai revealed she had a change of heart as she and Jeezy began to fall in love. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant shared, “you never say never,” in anything in life because “love can really change you.” As their relationship continued to evolve, Mai remembers thinking that she eventually saw having kids with Jeezy as a possibility. 

How Jeezy Convinced Jeannie Mai To Have Kids

As Mai gave a brief history of her and Jeezy’s relationship, she eventually shared how her husband convinced her to have kids. “Jeezy made me realize that I’ve never really felt safe in my life,” Mai revealed. But as the two began falling in love, Mai said they “began to really create a place where our happiness spelled out what safe looked like around us.” 

Mai stated that as soon as she started to feel completely safe and trusting of Jeezy, she began “having visions and dreams” about “becoming parents, having kids.” One reason Mai stated both she and Jeezy had such a hard time feeling safe in relationships is because of their past. “When you know what feeling unsafe is like, that becomes your world.” But the couple overcame their past traumas as they fell in love. 

Currently, Jeezy is already a father to three other children from previous relationships. But it’s clear the rapper is excited to welcome his and Mai’s first baby into the world. In Mai’s pregnancy announcement on Instagram, she wrote she has “never been more thankful to feel so alive.” 

The pregnancy photos were just as heartwarming as Mai’s caption. In one photo, Jeezy is kneeling on one knee, gently caressing and kissing Mai’s belly. The couple’s stunning pregnancy photos were allegedly taken in Greece, based on the geo-tag Mai used for the photo series. In the months to follow, it will certainly be exciting watching Jeezy and Mai raise their first child. 

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