The Supposed Reason Behind Tom Cruise’s Rumored Public Stepping Away From Church Of Scientology

Is Tom Cruise calling it quits with the Church of Scientology? According to one tabloid, Cruise is backing away from the controversial religion after its latest scandal. Here’s what we know about Cruise’s current relationship with the church.

Tom Cruise ‘Tangled In Scientology Dogfight’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports That ’70s Show actor Danny Masterson is dragging Tom Cruise into his legal troubles. In a new court case, three women are accusing Masterson of sexual assault, and the Church of Scientology is being accused of helping cover up the crimes. Apparently, Cruise is furious that this stroke of bad publicity for his religion is spoiling his victory lap off of Top Gun: Maverick. The church’s scandals have supposedly led him to “keep a low profile” with the religion by staying quiet about it and selling off his U.S. homes to settle in London.

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Sources say Cruise’s Scientology connection could ruin his chances of landing an Oscar nomination. “The tide has definitely turned against the Church of Scientology,” an insider spills. “And, because of Tom Cruise’s longtime association [with Scientology], I don’t think they would ever give him an Oscar.”

Apparently, Cruise is getting so anxious about Scientology’s toll on his career that it’s worrying church leader David Miscavige. “Anything the church, or Miscavige, can do to make Tom’s life easier will be done,” the tipster confides, revealing Cruise is being coached intensely on how to handle the latest PR disaster.

Tom Cruise Kissing Oscar Chances Goodbye?

There are a few key facts this tabloid seems to be missing. First of all, the Church of Scientology has always been controversial. From legal battles to conspiracy theories to a general public distrust of its cult-like doctrine, Tom Cruise has managed to succeed in his career despite the controversy.

In fact, celebrities like Cruise and John Travolta often credit the church for their massive success, which only makes it easier for the religion to prey on young aspiring actors. Knowing that, we doubt a bit of PR trouble would make the longtime Scientologist bat an eye. If he didn’t leave the church to save his marriage to Katie Holmes, we doubt he would do so now just to avoid some tough questions.

And finally, Cruise’s Oscar chances are looking just fine. Again, Scientology has never been a widely-accepted faith. But despite that, Cruise has managed to land three Oscar nominations while being a public, practicing member of the church. Clearly, his religion wasn’t a problem for the Academy before. We don’t see why it would be a dealbreaker now.

The Tabloid On Tom Cruise

Of course, the National Enquirer has a bit of a reputation when it comes to Tom Cruise. In a recent report, the outlet claimed Cruise was gloating after winning an alleged feud with Brad Pitt. Then the magazine reported Cruise was refusing to work with any actress taller than him. And the publication even alleged Cruise was dumped twice by his co-star Hayley Atwell. Obviously, the Enquirer doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to the Mission: Impossible star.

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