The Supposedly Hot ‘New’ Hair Accessory Gen Xers Have Known About For Decades

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m cool with some of the fashion trends from the ’90s that are making a comeback. I freaking love a claw clip. I even bought a bigger metallic one rather than using my old plastic ones! It’s so cute I wore it to a wedding, but I’m also wearing it on a daily basis. Space buns are also a favorite. And, I’m liking the bike short trend, particularly when paired with an oversized sweatshirt.

But there are some trends that should stay in the past. Skorts are a touchy subject for Millennials and Gen Xers, as are stirrup pants, sneaker mules, and crimped hair. Low-rise jeans should stay in the past, and that’s not just because I am the proud owner of a mom-bod now.

I am of the opinion that many of these trends should be left where they belong. You know, in the days when Thursday night was exciting because the new episode of Friends would drop. Those days.

The Zigzag Headband

Oh, but Gen Z has found a hot “new” hair accessory! Alert the presses! JK, these zoomers know how to get the word out. TikTok, of course! Turns out though, that the newest hair accessory is just the same ol’ zigzag headband that we wore for a short time in the ’90s. And, why did we wear it for such a short time? Because it hurts.

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These zigzag headbands have been spotted on Alexa Demie from the ultra-popular teen drama Euphoria. Even Bella Hadid has been seen wearing one. And they were all over London Fashion Week. But, before that, we were rocking them on the playground in the mid to late ’90s.

They weren’t around for very long, though. Every person of my generation that I have contacted to get their opinion on the zigzag headband has responded the same way. Suffice it to say, it’s been an overwhelmingly negative response.

My thoughts are they fell out of style because of the headaches and pain that they caused. At the very least, the teeth of the headband would get caught on your ears. If you had tangly or curly hair, forget about it! And, God forbid, it flipped over while on your neck! The audacity of this plastic clawlike accessory! However, everyone’s experience is different, and Gen Z seems to really like the look.

And, if you really must revisit the past, Amazon has a selection for you. So, good luck! We hope the pain is worth it!

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