The Top Way Each Zodiac Sign Gets Under People’s Skin

The stars can act as gentle guiding lights illuminating the path before us. Or, they can be harsh, buzzing fluorescent lights highlighting every divot, wrinkle, and flaw in our (metaphorical) face. Simply put, the stars can be really nice or really harsh.

For example, our Zodiac profiles clue us in on our greatest strengths and assets. However, they also reveal our worst, most unsavory sides—including how we might irk those around us. 

No one’s immune from being annoying. Here’s how your sign manifests it.

Aries: The Unwanted Project Finisher

March 20 – April 19

Hand controlling woman via puppet strings

Aries’ blunt, go-getter attitude makes them prone to taking over without asking. While they’re usually right about the best way forward, their rudeness overshadows their helpfulness. Even if Aries manages to make it to the goal, they’re likely to ruffle more than a few feathers along the way.

Taurus: Hot, Cold, Repeat

April 19 – May 20

Woman holding two signs, one happy face and one sad face

Taurus is a walking conundrum. One day, they’re intense, extroverted, and motivated. On another, they’re distant, aloof, and lackadaisical. Even worse, no one around them seems to know when Taurus will swing one way or another. These stubborn signs are at the whim of their own will—any efforts to change that prove futile.

Gemini: A Suspicious Shapeshifter

May 20 – June 21

Nervous looking woman holding mask of happy face

Despite their best efforts, Gemini can’t escape its bad reputation. Others are put off or annoyed by Gemini’s incessant need to be liked. From the outside looking in, this appears deceitful and manipulative. This becomes a vicious cycle when Gemini tries harder to have someone like them, which just turns the person off further.

Cancer: We’re Still Talking About That?

June 21 – July 22

Woman walking in circles

An oversized heart is Cancer’s greatest strength and biggest downfall. Though Cancer’s friends would never say this directly, Cancer’s inability to turn off their emotional tap is exhausting. Everyone’s entitled to feelings. But Cancer’s sensitivity can reach a fever pitch that leaves others feeling unheard and overlooked.

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Leo: The ‘Unsuspecting’ Diva

July 22 – August 22

Woman looking lovingly into a mirror
(Salim Hanzaz/

People might think Leo consciously chooses the spotlight, but that isn’t always true. These proud, bold individuals gravitate toward the most commanding position even if they don’t realize they’re doing it. To those around them, this can come across as bossy and narcissistic. Then, when Leo tries to show off their big heart, it seems fake.

Virgo: Bless Your Heart

August 22 – September 22

Woman peering over fence from afar
(Eva Kristin Almqvist/

If you need to get some s#!t done, call a Virgo. If you want some advice that’s sometimes good but always unsolicited, also call a Virgo. Their tendency to nitpick other people’s lives is one of Virgo’s most annoying qualities. These functional, hard-working signs have a hard time just listening.

Libra: Struggles To Find A Spine

September 22 – October 23

Woman trying to stop man from cutting string connecting their hearts

The old phrase, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” wraps up Libra’s essence in a nice bow. Libra is a peacekeeper at heart, but this can get them into unsavory situations. These diplomatic signs would rather keep things “nice” than stand up for themselves, others, or their principles.

Scorpio: Exhaustingly Moody

October 23 – November 22

Two woman with backs to each other, bad moods
(Nadia Snopek/

Scorpio is a mysterious and deeply misunderstood sign. Their coldness stems from insecurity, but to others, it just seems harsh. Those around them can get frustrated with Scorpio’s dark, moody tendencies. Indeed, it might appear that Scorpios could snap out of their funk anytime they want. But it’s harder than it looks.

Sagittarius: Prime Pyramid Scheme Target

November 22 – December 21

Woman climbing ladder

Sag can be so blinded by their ambition that they don’t realize when they’re overstepping boundaries. These highly motivated signs don’t always understand that not everyone around them wants to join in on their latest wellness journey. Still, that won’t stop Sag from talking your ear off about theirs.

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Capricorn: Sharing The Stress

December 21 – January 20

Woman with jumbled thoughts
(Mary Long/

People tend to lean on Capricorn for their no-nonsense, pragmatic perspective. However, this sign can easily start to take things too seriously. Consequently, they get stressed out by things that haven’t even happened yet. This can be overwhelming and off-putting to those around them.

Aquarius: The Hipster

January 20 – February 18

Woman looking annoyed, peeved

Aquarius is the cool friend that never wants you to forget how cool they are. While these signs will show you the best music, clothes, and eats, they have to be the ones with all the chic insider info. Not only will they disregard intel from others, they’ll insist they already knew about it.

Pisces: A Not-So-Inner Child

February 18 – March 20

Woman with stars in hair, dreaming, daydreaming

You could give Pisces advice until you were blue in the face, and they still won’t listen if they don’t feel like it. Pisces can get wrapped up in their own fantasy worlds. From an outside perspective, this seems childish and unproductive. Sometimes, it feels like Pisces needs reminders of how the world really works.

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