The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Movie Will Shoot This Spring If Everything Goes as Planned

Andrew Lincoln hopes that the untitled Rick Grimes movie will begin filming in the spring. The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for concrete news for months now. However, the global public health crisis brought 2020 to a screeching halt. The project’s executive producer David Alpert offered an update over the summer, stating, “We’re coming along in a big way. We’re just in this particular space where we have [to wait]. We can’t shoot right now, so that’s just the big thing holding us back.”

While filming has not started on the Rick Grimes movie, Andrew Lincoln has been keeping busy in England. The actor appears at the London’s Old Vic Theatre as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, which is put on without a live audience. According to the AP, Lincoln’s future plans, which include The Walking Dead movie, “have been forestalled by the pandemic, though he hopes the film will start shooting in the spring.” Lincoln says, “It does feel like there is a certain sense of positivity and the cavalry’s coming with the vaccines. And there’s a real sort of sense of a renewal, hopefully.”

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While he’s waiting for The Walking Dead spin-off movie to start production, Andrew Lincoln is happy to have theater in his life. “We just feel very fortunate that we’re all working in a theater at this time in history.” The world of entertainment is changing, which finds artists like Lincoln looking for other way to spread their creativity. Bands are not able to perform live concerts in front of an audience, so many have taken to live streams to help make some extra cash or giving the money to charity.

David Alpert also teased what The Walking Dead fans can expect with the Rick Grimes movie over the summer. “We are desperate to get back into production and get everything going, but we have something really exciting, really unique, really different, and can’t wait to get it going. We just have to wait for it to be safe.” Hopefully the world will be a lot safer once March rolls around. By that time, it will have been a full year of uncertainly with some hope in the form of a vaccine.

The Walking Dead universe Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple recently said that the Rick Grimes movie is “going to be amazing. For all the pressure that we have on us for taking this long, that only makes it [so] that we have to make it amazing. So we will.” Making a movie is a lot different from making an episode of a television show, so the cast and crew are also wrapping their heads around how the project will turn out, especially during a pandemic. The interview with Andrew Lincoln was originally conducted by ABC News. Maybe we’ll have a full and in-depth update in time for the new year.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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