These Housewives Are Leaving ‘RHOC’ After Just 1 Season

Two housewives are on the move from the Bravo limelight. After just one season on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Jennifer Armstong and Noella Bergener will not be returning for season 17. Both took to Instagram to announce the news.

Noella Bergener
Noella Bergener – Instagram

Sharing the News Via Instagram Story and the Many Emotional Responses

Bergener, 36, posted a story to Instagram on Friday that read, “After a wild season of ups and downs, I will not be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County. Thank you to all of the fans for all of the love and support during quite possibly the hardest year of my life. I am looking forward to brighter skies ahead, and can’t wait to share what’s next.” Fans of the reality star began posting their opinions, in which Bergener shared to her stories.

“Justice for @noellahoc she is the FIRST black housewife on RHOC. All of last season was about her…without her we would’ve been watching heather showing off her businesses and just a Shannon takedown ready to happen. There is clearly an issue if the first black housewife is fired after one season..someone has too much power and is ruining the integrity bravo constantly says they want to protect.”

“@bravotv made a TERRIBLE decision by not having @noellahoc back for season 17. Noella saved us from the Heather Dubrow Show. Noella is such an icon and deserved so much better. And also she’s the first black housewife and she’s fired? Not a good look bravo.”

“Bravo and Evolution are STUPID for letting the two women who could’ve brought #RHOC back to its glory days go. They both brought drama and fans loved them. It’s a little sus to me that they’re gone.”

RHOC Reunion
Jennifer Armstrong – Instagram

Armstrong Also Announced She’s Not Returning in a Post

Armstrong, 44, also took the news to Instagram. “I loved opening up about being a working mom on Real Housewives of Orange County. I am so grateful to have had the privilege to talk about my father, my kids, and a real modern relationship on national television. My family and my work are the most important aspects of my life, so I am stepping away from RHOC and focusing on them,” she captioned a photo of herself. “Thank you to everyone who has reached out in support – especially from the working moms. Women can really have it all if you work for it. I believe in you, and I’ll still be here to chat about it with you. I love inspiring people to be their best. I am forever grateful for the friends I made, and the lovely people at @bravo & @evolutionmedia. Here’s to the next chapter, and I hope you’ll follow along for the journey. There are so many exciting things to come, so stay tuned.”

Jennifer Armstrong
Queens of Bravo – Instagram

Her Fans Voiced Their Opinions, Too

Tons of supportive comments from her fans were left on her Instagram post.

“The Bravoverse is better for having you.”

“Sending you lots of love girl.”

“Noooo this is so unfortunate! We will miss you on the show but good for you having priorities #familyfirst.”

“Nooooo! You’re the only nice one!!! But seriously, good for you & good luck.”

“Who will drink the really good wine? Loved your honesty and openness! Best of luck!”

It Was a Rough Season for Both Housewives

Both Armstrong and Bergener had a bit of a rocky first season on the show. Between their own personal life struggles and on-camera fights, the drama was there for both newbies of the show. The news of Armstrong’s exit on the show comes just a few months after she filed a legal separation from husband Ryne Holliday. The two have three children – twins Vera and Vince, 10 and Robert Valor, 9.

Bergener also faced her own home troubles with an on-camera breakup. Making history as the first black and openly bisexual housewife, Bergener’s husband James Bergener served her with divorce papers in July 2021. They share a 3-year-old son, James Jr. She’s also mom to daughter Coco, 7, from a previous relationship.

Noella Bergener
Noella Bergener – Instagram

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