These Outrageous ‘Cheese Pants’ Feature Insulated Pockets That Can Hold Up To 3lbs Of Cheese

Okay, cheese lovers, it’s time to put your love for that delicious, creamy, salty gift from the gods to the test. Tillamook has new merch! And, while these amazing pants are currently sold out, we’re waiting with bated breath for them to be re-stocked. They’re functional, brightly colored, and perfect for any party.

Plus, with National Cheddar Day (Feb.13th) quickly approaching, you’ll want to get all your cheesy merch ready to sport. You don’t want to look like a fool come celebration day, so get your merch today!

What Are Cheese Pants?

Well, we’re glad you asked. These fabulous Party Pants are part of the Cheddar Collection launched in partnership with Portland Garment Factory, a woman-owned, zero-waste company.

tillamook party cheese pants on a yellow background

Complete with three pockets on the front, one in the back, and two removable, insulated pockets, you’ll be able to carry enough cheese to share (if you so wish). The removable pockets even double as a wristlet or clutch! These pants are perfect for a party but are comfortable enough to travel in or to just loaf on the couch. You’ll have the convenience of cheese at your fingertips and the coziness of jogger-style pants for pure relaxation.

Tillamook thick crewcut sweatshirt on a yellow background

To complete the look, the Thick-cut Crewneck and Fine-cut Hat are must-haves. The Thick-cut Crewneck has tons of fringe, giving a nod to Tillamook’s farm-style cheese. The Fine-cut hat is the cherry on top. While these delectable wardrobe additions are also sold out, we’re excited to grab them when they’re finally back on the virtual shelves.

Other Tillamook Merch

While you’re waiting for the pants, crewneck, and hat, Tillamook has some pieces that are in stock. The Varsity V-neck, Morning Star Sweatshirt, and adorable Fold-Over Beanie are great pieces to celebrate your favorite cheese brand, Tillamook, every day. But, especially on National Cheddar Day!

If you’d rather celebrate the day by eating cheese rather than sporting merch, there’s always that option as well. My toddler is a cheese snob and has an affinity for Tillamook’s Farmstyle Thick Cut Mozzarella Cheese. And, who could blame her? It’s freaking delicious.

And, Tillamook doesn’t just stop with cheese. They also offer ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream, and butter. We’re confident most of those products would fit into the Party Pants nicely!

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