These Stars Bragged About OnlyFans And Now They’re Making BANK!

OnlyFans is making the rich richer! If you don’t believe us just take a look at the latest celebrities who use the platform as a side gig and have ended up making, in some cases more money from OF than their actual day job. 

Cardi B

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The bodacious rapper is the most recent celebrity to come out and she that she rolling in the dough thanks to OF. She launched her page in the middle of the pandemic, August 2020 under the username iamcardib and charged $4.99 for a subscription. 

Now don’t get too excited you won’t be seeing the “Bodice Yellow” rapper’s WAP, she let fans know that immediately. Despite the lack of wetness on her page, the rapper reportedly drags in a shocking $8 million a month from OnlyFans. 

Cardi B isn’t #1 On Only Fans

The rapper is first on this list but she is actually third on the platform’s list of higher earnings, we will discuss those higher earners soon. 

Most importantly, how does Cardi make $8 million on OF? There is allegedly absolutely no nudity. The rapper shared that she wanted to get more personal on the platform. This could be the key to the high earnings because who doesn’t want to pry into a celebrity’s business?

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne taking a selfie.
Instagram | Bella Thorne

The Disney star turned naughty girl allegedly wasn’t looking for cash when she started her OnlyFans page. She was researching a role for a film and voila! Just like she was super into it. When Bella launched her account it came with quite a scandal.

The actress made $1 million in a turnaround time of 24 hours, the fastest the site had ever seen at the time. This rapid increase in money sparked the company to make some drastic changes to their policy because people felt she was easily making money off of sex work with her content but actual sex workers would be arrested, or worse. 

Bella Thorne Is Still On OnlyFans

While Thorne got a bit of a lashing for unintentionally capitalizing off of sex work, she is still on the platform. She now has a free account with more explicit content behind a paywall that features risqué photos, and some videos. 

In 2021 she was the second highest earner boasting $11 million a month. All those earnings and she still isn’t the number 1 earner on the platform but damn close. 

Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen posing for the camera.
Instagram | Larsa Pippen

Larsa may be a mom of three but she knows she can make some coin off her banging body. The former wife of basketball player Scottie Pippen shocked fans when she admitted on the Real Housewives of Miami that not only was she on OnlyFans but she was making a killing. 

At the time, Pippen said she was making over $10,000 a month. The women’s mouth’s dropped and they certainly did not believe her nor did they believe when she said that it wasn’t sexual at all.

To prove that, she admitted that her kids mainly her daughter sometimes help her take her photos for OF and also insisted that her sons and Scottie were fine with it.

$10,00 And Not Sexual? How?

The former Kardashian family friend doubled down on how much more she is making on the platform, telling Andy Cohen that just one of her followers made her $200,000 in two weeks! Foot photos are a big thing for her followers, sexy swimsuit photos, and exclusive information on her jewelry line.


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It’s true what they say, OnlyFans isn’t only about sex, rapper Tyga is one of the highest earning people on the platform (still not number 1 though). He has 21.8 million followers and his subscription cost $20 a month. 

Since starting on the platform at the beginning of 2021, he is making a shocking $7 million a month. 

What Brings in $7M?

Tyga shares that the platform has allowed him to be honest and open with his fanbase and share more intimate details of his life and not what the media shows. Some of those intimate moments include his studio time, videos, and exclusive pictures.

Why isn’t Blac Chyna seeking child support from any of her baby daddies? Tyga sure is making enough.

Blac Chyna

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It seems like Chyna has a huge reason to not seek any money from Rob Kardashian and Tyga, homegirl is the number one celebrity money maker on OnlyFans. Her subscription fee is $19.99 a month and she has 16.2 million followers. 

Blac Chyna Makes How Much?

The entrepreneur and former reality star made $20 million per month. Chyna had a learning curve when she boastfully priced her subscription fee way too high in the beginning but now things are clearly on the right track. 

She mostly shares photos that some will call risqué and she allegedly has less than 200 posts, she must be doing something right. 

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