This Award-Winning Hair Density Serum Has Proven Results For Promoting Thicker, Fuller Hair

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Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women alike. As the first signs of hair thinning appear, they could also constitute a sign of aging, hormonal changes, or stress (which we have all collectively felt in the past few years). 

Even though it’s reassuring to realize you aren’t alone in the battle against hair loss, it should still come as no surprise that no one wants to experience it. Nevertheless, there is a myriad of hair care products on the market that claim to accelerate hair growth resulting in fuller, thicker tresses. 

But not all products that promise hair growth are created equal. In a desperate attempt to regain thick, fuller hair, many hair loss sufferers unknowingly turn to harsh chemicals and products. Due to this, the ingredients in these so-called hair thinning treatments only exacerbate the problem.

It is time to stop playing Russian roulette with your hair and switch to a clean, vegan, sustainable hair brand! Renowned magazines such as W Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar have given Monpure’s Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum the greenlight for your haircare routine.  

Keep reading to find out what makes Monpure’s Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum stand out from the rest. 

Monopure Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum.

The Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum by Monpure is a safer and gentler solution to fuller, thicker hair growth. Yet, don’t let the fact that it’s a vegan formulation fool you into thinking it is less potent. It only takes a few drops of this award-winning elixir applied to your scalp daily to trigger hair growth in overdrive. 

Using exfoliating lactic acid, the serum gently removes dead skin cells on the scalp. Additionally, retinol stimulates cell renewal, while pumpkin seed extract inhibits an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. 

Dr. Sue Ann Chan, Monpure’s resident dermatologist, said “Pumpkin seed extract is becoming more widely used in helping to treat hair loss.” She explained, “Testosterone in our body produces a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which in excess may cause hair loss in certain individuals. This chemical is released by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which pumpkin seed extract helps to block. That’s what makes it effective in preventing hair loss, which is why it’s the star ingredient in Monpure’s Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum.”

Although beauty gurus and magazines praise this all-natural hair care serum, what do reviewers think of it?

Is Monpure Truly A Hair Boosting Serum Hero?

Several reviewers have praised Monpure’s Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum, calling it “amazing” and “natural.” One reviewer commented on how she was not expecting such dramatic results after only two weeks. She wrote “daily shedding in the shower has completely stopped.” She also noted, “shedding and occasional itchiness have disappeared.” 

According to another reviewer, they too experienced excessive hair fallout prior to purchasing Monpure. Since then, things have improved. “Since using this product, my hair is feeling healthier.” Plus, one buyer notes, “It exfoliates your scalp leaving it feeling amazing.”

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