This Clever Gadget Saves Me Valuable Time From My Post-Cooking Cleanup

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The thought of cleaning up the kitchen after making dinner can sometimes be all the motivation I need to order takeout.

Even when I clean as I go, I’ve got the trash can sitting in the middle of the floor to catch the scraps from the cutting board and I’m flooding the counter around the sink while trying to clean up the pots and pans. Not to mention the fact that what I’m baking in the oven is causing a mess that I probably won’t clean up until next weekend on a “big” cleaning day. It truly is a circus.

The thing is, kitchen life doesn’t have to be this way. An Instagram video from Mik Zenon recently caught my eye that featured handy gadgets to make kitchen cleaning easier. And, it included a product that I’m pretty sure is a cooking game changer.

The Solution Is Under $15

The brief video highlights five kitchen products from Amazon that I may or may not need (spoiler alert: I need them all). And the first time I watched the clip, the product that stood out was a hanging trash can/food scrap collector. This is one of those items that I didn’t know I needed—until I saw that it existed.

Who knew that I didn’t have to constantly run into my kitchen trash can while chopping up veggies and taking things out of the oven? I can even scrape the scraps directly from the counter into the can! Getting excited about these kinds of things makes it clear I’m an adult, and I’m getting old.

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As it turns out, there are a lot of different hanging trash can options on Amazon, including this silicon version from Eleganted. It’s collapsible and comes with a little scraper. I really like this option because it’s easy to store when not in use, and because of the super low price point.

There are also hard plastic bins that are a bit more sturdy, like this option from Navaris. You can use this kind of scrap trap to clean up your kitchen messes or to hold your sponges and dish soaps.

If you really want to get fancy, there are some extremely nice models that come with lids. These are more of a permanent fixture that you add to the inside of a cabinet door, like this option from ELPHECO. And, they can be used as a trash or compost bin.

Other Helpful Gadgets To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

I don’t want to forget the other handy kitchen gadgets highlighted in the video that will make post-cooking cleanup a breeze. First up, there’s the LONIN Sponge Holder Kitchen Sink Caddy, which helps keep your cleaning products organized.

Instead of searching for your sponges in the bottom of a sink filled with dirty dishes, you can keep them handy by using a sink caddy. This is an especially good gadget to have when you have limited space, like in a small apartment kitchen or RV.

A long kitchen absorption mat from LOPNUR is a must-have if you wash dishes by hand. The window behind my kitchen sink and the counter surrounding it always looks like a storm came through after I clean the dinner dishes, so this little product really spoke to me.

When it comes to cooking in the oven, I’m not sure how I’ve lived so long without putting oven liner mats in the bottom to catch all the mess. This four-pack of premium liner mats from YEAILIFE will catch drips, cheeses, sauces, and other-baked on messes.

But, they are for more than just ovens. You can also use liner mats on your outdoor barbecue grill or on your stovetop. Simply wipe them up and put them in the dishwasher to make kitchen cleanup a breeze. This gadget is so great and I ended up asking myself how they haven’t been in my kitchen before?

The final item in the video—a Blackstone Electric Tabletop Griddle—really didn’t stick with the theme of kitchen-cleaning gadgets. Unless you consider the fact that it doesn’t take up counter space, and it’s super easy to clean. Just look at what this happy customer had to say.

“We have had this for a week, and have used it for almost every meal since. Every meal turns out better than the last. I was skeptical about buying this, but I have to say I’d go for it again if presented the chance. If you are not sure about buying it, and you are asking for an opinion, I say go for it x100 🤷🏻‍♀️. I used to have the hardest time making sunny side up eggs, and now it’s a breeze. The surface is very non-stick and very easy to clean. I’m in love.”

I couldn’t have said it better by myself.

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