This Electric Blanket For Your Car Completely Changed My Morning Commute

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As I sit here under my electric blanket, coffee in hand, I realize that writing this article is very fitting. I’m cold most of the time. When the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll find me with cozy socks, lots of layers, and a venti hot mocha. And, now that I’ve learned of another accessory that is a must-have for cold-weather rides, I’m ready to be cozy in my car too.

When you have to commute to work, especially in the winter, it can sometimes be uncomfortable, difficult, or even dangerous. So, along with your snow tires, roadside emergency kit, and Ember mug, consider getting this heated blanket to make your commute so much better.

Sure you can layer up for cold weather, but nothing beats a cozy blanket to ensure you’re warm and toasty. This 12V electric blanket comes highly rated and is perfect for those cold wintery days. It heats up quickly and is made of a plush fleece material that is warm on its own. Available in black and white, black and burgundy, and checkered cream and tan, the electric blanket plugs directly into your 12V DC outlet (formerly known as the cigarette lighter).

Made with safety in mind, the blanket has an automatic shut-off after thirty minutes of use. The power cord measures 72″ long and will reach most back seats comfortably. And, while we can’t recommend driving under the blanket (it could cause distracted driving) if you’re the passenger, it’ll be perfect for any ride, long or short.

Reviews Of The Sojoy Electric Car Blanket

One Amazon reviewer had a tip for maximum usage of the electric blanket. “I use this in the winter as a seat warmer–it’s awesome. I turn my car on with the remote and by the time I get in the car the seat [is] warm; love this blanket,” stated one reviewer.

Another reviewer had her passengers in mind when she purchased the blanket. “I have leather seats in my 10-year-old CRV. In the back, they are not heated. The heat vents are also only in the front. During the winter, the back of the car is cold. Not anymore! This thing plugs into the center console ‘cigarette’ lighter (I don’t know what they call them nowadays) & heats up right away. It’s big enough to fit over 1 or 2 people. I’m happy with my purchase (more importantly, my skinny 12-year-old who sits in the back is thrilled)!” stated one customer.

Of course, there were some critical reviews. But, most of them were due to the fact that the “electric car blanket” only worked in the car. One review stated, “I bought this not realizing it was for a vehicle so that is my own fault especially when the photo clearly shows a car plug, however, I have a converter that is recommended for this volt.”

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