This Genius Eyeliner Trick For Women Over 40 Is Not Only Stunning, But It Requires Zero Eyeliner

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Our faces change as we age, and sometimes we need to adapt our makeup products and techniques. In particular, our eyeliner look from the ’90s might not deliver the results it once did.

The good news is, you don’t have to use eyeliner at all to get a stunning look even with crow’s feet and textured skin. Courtney Spencer, aka “your makeup friend and application coach,” has developed a super-versatile, mess-free eyeliner method that delivers a soft, smokey look using zero eyeliner.

Her brand is all about makeup and hair after 40. She teaches women “how to look and feel beautiful while simplifying their makeup routine.”

“We all know that one of the very first places we start to show our age is in our eyes, so let’s not emphasize that,” Spencer said. And as luck would have it, the method is super easy.

How-To Easy No-Eyeliner Eyeliner

  • Step One: “Let’s grab a nice matte eyeshadow color, and apply that on the top and bottom lash line,” Spencer said.
  • Step Two: “Take the fluffy end of your eyeshadow brush and just soften it out.”

That’s it! The method gives that definition you want from eyeliner, without the harsh line that can emphasize lines and make eyes look smaller.

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We were sold on this idea, so the first thing we did was find the right products and tools. First up is the matte eye shadow, which can be in whatever color you prefer. We really likethis palette from Japonesque because it’s matte (not shimmery), and it has eight eyeshadow pigments that range from light to dark.

As for the blending brush to soften the eyeshadow, this dual-ended brush from JOAH is a good choice.

Or, the game-changing IT Cosmetics Superhero 4-in-1 Brush will do the trick, plus so much more.

If eye makeup techniques are a challenge because you can’t wear your glasses while doing them, Spencer recommends using a magnifying mirror like this one from Venice.

By making a small difference to your makeup routine, you’ll get a more youthful look and the perfect eyeliner. And that’s a deal we absolutely love!

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