This Genius Hack Ensures You Hang Items With Two Hook Perfectly Every Time

Hanging something on the wall with two hooks can be a frustrating task. You can try to get away with eyeballing it. But in my experience, that usually results in me leaving a massacre behind anything I hang up.

As a rule, there are at least two extra holes behind whatever wall art I’m displaying because I didn’t measure something properly or I was slightly off level. Sometimes there are black scuff marks on the wall from my level slipping. Or, a huge random hole because my two tiny holes were too close together. I’m not good with measurements and tools.

After I moved into my new house and hung everything on the walls, I found a genius hack on Reddit that will perfectly space the nails on a wall every time when you are trying to hang something with two hooks.

“When hanging something with two hooks, use painters tape to get exact markings, and a level on the wall,” the Redditor wrote. ‘Hammer in your nails, and peel away the tape!”

The Step-By-Step Process

That was a nice, brief way to say it. But, I want to break this down a little more so we can all practice at home.

For this genius hack you’ll need:

  • A roll of painter’s tape
  • A pen
  • A level
  • Two nails
  • A hammer

Now, let’s go over the easy to follow steps.

  1. Grab a roll of painter’s tape.
  2. Put a piece of the tape over the item you want to hang, across the hooks or holes that will hang on the two nails.
  3. Mark the areas on the tape where the hooks or holes are, so you can perfectly space your nails.
  4. Grab a level.
  5. Use your level to evenly place the tape on the wall where you wish to hang your item.
  6. Hammer your nails into the marked areas of the tape.
  7. Peel away the tape.
  8. Hang your item.

How easy is that? If only I would have known about this during all of my years of apartment living. I could have saved so much money in damage fees and maybe gotten my entire deposit back.

According to the comments, I’m not the only one who saw this post a little too late. My favorite comment being, “Great timing! I just finished hanging everything my wife wanted on the walls in our new house. When we move again in 10 years maybe I’ll be able to use this.”

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