‘This Is Bullsh*t:’ These Midlife Women Were Fed Up With Night Sweats, So They Created A Cooling PJ Line That Can Be Worn Anytime

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After waking up from a particularly egregious bout of menopause night sweats, Laura Musall had just one thing to say: “This is bullsh*t.”

After texting her fellow 50-ish friends about it the next morning, she started crafting a solution for a problem they were all experiencing. 

Thus, CoolRevolution was created. This innovative clothing line is designed by women in their 50s for women in their 50s. Musall wanted to make a product for women who work, run the house, care for family, and are sick and tired (literally) of menopause interfering with their sleep. 

I recently spoke with her about CoolRevolution and its blending of comfort, style, and durability. Want to take a guess what she was wearing during the interview? (Hint: we feature it a little further down.)

‘I Used To Think They Were Exaggerating’

Prior to that fateful sweaty night, Musall told me that she used to think people were exaggerating when they talked about their hormonal night sweats. As she tried to find solutions for what she called “next level sweat,” she found there was little available.

“Then, I remembered that I bought my husband pajamas that were temperature-regulating,” Musall recalls. “And I thought, where are they for women? The more I looked, the madder I got. Why is it I can walk into Macy’s and buy cooling PJs for my husband—who does not have night sweats—and I can’t find anything?”

Of course, she found some things—namely, unattractive, unflattering, and largely uncomfortable things. She shared her (lack of) progress with her friends, who convinced her to start her own cooling pajama line.

Musall enlisted her friend Mindy Ford, one of the women in her original post-night sweat text chain. They then got in touch with women’s health experts, designers, and developers before moving on to the next, most important step: finding the right fabric.

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‘As Soon As We Put On That Fabric…’

Musall and Ford left their Indiana homebase for Chicago to start sourcing fabric, and the one they chose was love at first touch. “As soon as we put on that fabric, we were like, I think this is it.” They started putting it to the test. 

After receiving samples from an Indiana seamstress, Musall and Ford exercised in their CoolRevolution PJs over (and over and over). “This is going to sound really gross, but I wore them multiple times to see how many days in a row I could sweat in them,” Musall laughs. “I just wanted to know.”

CoolRevolution’s fabric is a rayon blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex. Musall said she and Ford fell in love with the sweat-wicking capabilities of this soft, silky fabric. Other “cooling” fabrics use waxy treatments to mimic breathability that degrade in the wash. Unlike its competitors, CoolRevolution’s high-quality blend promotes cooling airflow after countless washes.

In fact, Musall still wears the original samples she got in 2018. They’re that long-lasting. It’s even what she wore to our interview.

‘I’m Wearing It Right Now’

“I love our t-shirt, which I’m wearing right now,” Musall tells me. Creating clothing that was both comfortable and presentable in public was important to Musall and Ford. They wanted clothes that you could wear around the house, out to run errands, or even while shopping on 5th Avenue, as one happy customer reported.

Cooling V-Neck Women’s Sleep T-Shirt

$55Shop Now at CoolRevolution

Available in Teal, Wine, Mauve, Navy, Black, Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Gray, Red, Plum, & Blush.

CoolRevolution’s t-shirt is available in a v-neck or scoop-neck silhouette. Both styles are longer in the back than the front for extra coverage (because let’s be honest, leggings are the perfect lounge-around-the-house option). “You can wear it at night, you can wear it during the day. I’m guaranteeing you no one has ever thought, ‘I’m wearing my pajamas out,’” Musall says.

Musall is also a big fan of CoolRevolution capris. “I’m not a shorts person, especially in the summer. I love that [the capris] have a wide leg because if you start getting hot, it’s really easy to pull them up. They’re breezy. They have airflow. In the humidity, airflow is important.”

CoolRevolution’s capri pants have an elastic stay-in-place comfort waistband for all-day wear. Additionally, the pants feature pockets deep enough to hold your cell phone—score. These breezy bottoms are available in sizes XS through XXXL to ensure an optimal fit.

Finally, Musall tells me that she loves CoolRevolution’s tank tops“because they work really well under cardigans or jackets. So, you can still get the sweat-wicking from them when you wear them, whether it’s at night or during the day.” 

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The CoolRevolution tank top arm holes are roomy without being too revealing. Moreover, they’re fitted along the shoulders and bust with a little more flow in the middle to create a universally flattering silhouette. Translation? Say hello to your new go-to tank.

A lot of clothing brands make big promises but few actually deliver. CoolRevolution is different because it was created to solve Musall’s own problem, and she sincerely hopes the pajamas will help others as well. 

To be clear, Musall restates that “no clothing can stop night sweats. We can’t make them go away with clothing. However, it’s really important to know what you’re putting on your body. [The fabric] is what makes us different. It’s what you begin with. And we use a really high-quality fabric that will last over time. I think that’s really important.”

We’re all for anything that gives us more hours of continuous sleep, and fewer pajama changes during the night.

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