This Sorbet And Bubbly Rosé Summer Cocktail Is Like Your Grandma’s Party Punch, But Way Better

From citrusy fruit coolers to fruity pithy pitchers, thirst-quenching summer punches hit both savory and sweet notes. Aside from being delicious, these big-batch summer cocktails always help keep things cool and are perfect for a larger crowd. Occasionally though, it’s necessary to indulge in something a bit posher, a cocktail to enjoy poolside while you refresh and unwind.

For a decadent, luxurious, and extra-special treat, the rosé sorbet float is this season’s best summer cocktail to keep the heat at bay. Moreover, the recipe is shockingly simple to make, requiring just two ingredients. And it will put your granny’s summer punch to shame.

Summer’s Easiest Cocktail—Sorbet Rosé Floats

An Instaworthy post by French Market & Cafe of Kansas City shows how easy it is to pamper yourself this summer with a beautiful, refreshing rosé sorbet float. “Art Fair necessities—Strawberry Sorbet Fizz!,” the caption reads. “Join us for a quick break and a wonderful cocktail.”

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During the video, a single scoop of strawberry sorbet is added to a stemless wine glass. Next, the glass is topped with a sparkling rosé, providing the cocktail with a lovely pink hue and its bubbly texture.

Lastly, it’s garnished with a fresh sprig of mint. That’s all it takes to make this elegant, invigorating brew!

Infusing a modern twist on a childhood favorite, this refreshing, light drink is a great way to sip the summer away. With its unique versatility, the rosé sorbet float can be prepared with any dairy-free sorbet flavor. While strawberry is classic, raspberry, lemon, and mango are also divine flavors to beat the heat.

But, it’s also possible to swap out sorbet for sherbet if you’d prefer something creamier. Also, if you’re low on sparkling rosé, you can use either use Prosecco or Champagne instead.

However, the simplicity and elegance of this superb summer cocktail make it just as unique as any of the flavors you can choose.

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