This Viral Refrigerator Organization Video Have People Divided: ‘Too Much Plastic’

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TikTok videos can make everything a controversial topic—even refrigerator organization. Recently a fridge stocking video posted by Summer Reign Freeman, aka _reignland, went viral for its creativity and visually satisfying aesthetic. 

But some viewers thought her ideas for organizing her large grocery haul included “too much plastic.” Let’s break this down and see what all the fuss is about.

How A Simple Video Caused A Big Reaction

Freeman shared an innocent 30-second video titled “Fridge Restock” with About Damn Time by Lizzo playing in the background to show off how she organized the products she bought from a $1,000 grocery trip. We’re not gonna lie, it was impressive. And it was truly a project that would make Marie Kondo proud.

The clip featured an organized kitchen and pantry filled with different clear organizers, like bacon savers, an egg holder, a fridge lazy Susan, and a deli meat container.

There were also containers for shredded cheese, a water bottle holder, glass bottles for milk and juice, a plastic wine rack, and food saver storage. When she was finished, nothing was left in its original packaging or container. And it looked AMAZING.

The clip quickly racked up more than 26 million views, but it actually generated mixed reactions.

Many viewers were genuinely impressed. One wrote, “I need to move out, buy a house, buy that fridge and all those organizing containers and do this … now.” Another added, “Just moved into my own place for the first time in my life, this is goals and so helpful!” And a third wrote, “this makes my soul smile.”

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But not everyone was a fan of this organizational technique. One person wrote, “I just can’t see myself taking food out of containers putting them in another container cuz why? this looks fancy though.” Another added, “Too much plastic!” And a third wondered, “How do you keep track of expiration dates?”

Why Her Method Is Actually Genius

Top left: glass bottles with milk, juice, chocolate milk and lemonade
Top right: Lazy Susan with condiments
Bottom left: water bottle holder
Bottom right: egg holder

This video has caused a divide on the internet, but we are definitely pro-fridge organization by plastic container. This method is pure genius because these containers are reusable, they can help preserve food and eliminate the need for extra plastic storage bags, and you were going to throw away the packaging anyway!

We also love this organization method because it makes it super easy to see what’s in the fridge, which can promote healthy eating and eliminate food waste. Using clear storage containers to organize your fridge and pantry can also keep you from buying something you already have by mistake, it helps save time on making meals, and it makes it easy to grab a drink or snack to go.

The best part about this method, though, is that there are a ton of organizers on Amazon to choose from so you can customize your space for exactly your needs. 

One of the most talked-about products from the video were these 11-ounce glass bottles by Yeboda to easily portion milk, juice, and other beverages. Free up space in the fridge with the Vtopmart Water Bottle Storage Organizer Bins. These organizers allow bottles to lay flat—no more water bottles tipping over when you move other items.

Another thing that viewers definitely noticed was the Large Capacity Egg Holder from Nooing, which features a practical slope design for the eggs to roll down when you remove one. What really made this egg holder stand out was the stackability of each tray for extra capacity.

Instead of loading up your fridge door with condiments, a lazy Susan from Home Intuition helps display all of those bottles and keep them organized. And this deli keeper from Pikanty—as well as the bacon storage box—keep moisture out and seal in freshness to extend the life of your meat. These are so handy that you’ll never want to use your deli drawer again.

If you need a food saver to organize your fruits and vegetables, these shatterproof food storage containers from FreshWorks are a fantastic option. The crisp tray helps keep moisture away from your food and promotes air circulation to reduce spoilage.

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But before you tuck those fresh fruits and veggies into their own containers, use an over-the-sink drying mat to rinse them off first. The roll-up mat can be used for cooking prep, too, by working as a platform that can hold a cutting board for slicing and dicing your produce before storing or cooking.

Wine bottles are easy to grab out of the refrigerator when they are stored horizontally in individual compartments like in this wine rack from mDesign. While it can be used on the counter, too, keep this rack in the fridge for perfectly chilled drinks.

Shop The Products

For those of you who believe that this method of refrigerator organization is “goals,” it can be achieved. And you can do it with a relatively modest budget. Who knew cleaning and organizing a refrigerator could be so fun and satisfying?

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