Thousands Of Shoppers Agree: This Shampoo And Conditioner For Hair Growth Actually Works

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Stress. Environment. Age. Diet. Hormonal changes. Family history. Certain medications. Etcetera. All of the aforementioned topics have a laundry list of their own issues and side effects. But, they also have something in common. They can all contribute to hair loss.

Losing your hair can stir up a lot of different emotions. It can be emotionally draining, frightening, and anxiety-inducing, causing even more stress, which leads to (you guessed it!) even more hair loss. But, luckily, we’ve found a shampoo and conditioner that can help strengthen and grow your hair. And, according to shoppers, it really works.

This powerful line of shampoo and conditioners will promote growth, remove buildup, and protect all hair types. Formulated specifically for women, Keranique Shampoo and Conditioner will thicken, strengthen, and regrow the hair. It can take four to six months to see results (hair grows slow!), but according to shoppers, you’ll likely see results sooner. And, the wait is worth it!

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According to Keranique’s medical advisor, Dr. Sonia Batra, the sooner you take action against hair loss, the better. For women, hair loss can be progressive and more spread out. Women’s hair loss and men’s hair loss are different. Thankfully, all of Keranique’s products are clinically proven and designed exclusively for women.

Keranique’s line of shampoo is formulated with peppermint and menthol, which gently cleanses and stimulates the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles. Keranique’s conditioner helps volumize and thicken already thinning hair.

The extensive line of shampoos and conditioners includes Color Boost, Curl Preserve, Damage Control, Deep Hydration, and Volumizing. No matter your hair type or goals, each Keranique product is designed to restore and grow hair by protecting against damage, nourishing for visible health, and strengthening for less breakage.

Reviewers Rave

Although the cause of hair loss doesn’t matter (Keranique doesn’t discriminate), this reviewer recommends Keranique if you suffer from thyroid issues. “This product did EVERYTHING it said it would do! I noticed a big difference in my hair after just three uses. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from thyroid hair loss!”

Advanced age is only one contributor to hair loss. This older reviewer raves about her results. “This is by far my favorite shampoo and conditioner. I have fine old lady hair and these products give my hair a much-needed lift.”

This reviewer is seeing results in as little as a month. She states, “[I’ve] just been using the products for about a month and I am seeing a difference. My hair feels much cleaner and it is much shinier. Hair seems to be getting thicker.”

So no matter your age or hair type, Keranique Shampoo and Conditioner may just be the simple solution for your hair thinning woes.

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