TikTok Account Exposes Disney’s Secret Backrooms; What’s Inside?

The Walt Disney Company is made up of many office buildings located throughout the world. One individual, who claims he was visiting the Disney Parks and was just trying to locate the bathrooms, ended up in a private area.

Exposing The Backside Of Disney

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One individual decided to explore the hidden backrooms of Disney and recorded everything while inside.

“Unveiling the Mysteries: A daring explorer exposes the hidden backrooms of Disney and records everything😳,” they wrote in the caption.


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After being in what looks like a meeting room, a Disney Cast Member comes in and suspects she does not belong and asked her to leave. One user thought the way the Cast Member reacted was sketchy as they commented on the video “their hiding something, she wanted you out of there asap”.

Another user wrote, “No cause why does it look like the conference rooms from American horror story season 8”.

While one follower expressed, “I got chills. Bad stuff happened there.”

Others, however, think that the video does not “expose” anything as it just looks like a big conference room and the individual interrupted a meeting.

“No he didn’t, he snuck into an employee only area and got lost in an office with people,” one user commented as another chimed in with, “What you mean exposing, that’s a meeting room every company have one, yall going crazy 😭”.

It is unclear how the person was able to get to this area, but it is important to note that if someone is caught in a private property area, they could be considered trespassing and could be arrested or banned.

The Videos Continue..

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The TikTok page shared two additional videos, which look to be parts two and three of the same individual trying to leave the private area with Disney Cast Members. 

“I’ve been trying to get out of here for the last 10-15 minutes,” the individual i heard saying in the video before adding that he is not a Cast Member and he was just “trying to go to the bathroom” and must have opened a wrong door.


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Some fans were on Disney’s side, sharing that the individual was trespassing and should not have been in the area that he was in. “This is how you get trespassed from Disney. Carolyn is a Security Manager,” one user wrote as another said, “I work in events. It is absolutely a major security issue if someone is there unescorted. Nothing sinister about the staff.”

Others, however, felt like the Disney Cast Members were trying to hide something as many commented things such as “I’m pretty sure Disney has some deep dark secrets” and “major red flag when she said how you get back here 😳😳”.

As one user chimed in with, “I don’t think is a backrooms but maybe a secret area ✨ “.

In the video, the Disney Cast Member said it was just “unused office space”, but fans did not buy it. “‘Unused office space’ but there’s a whole group of people back there 😒👀,” one fan commented as another chimed in, “it looks too clean and upkept to just be an old building…”

To watch all three videos, visit the TikTok user’s page here.

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