TikTok Star Noodle the Pug’s Legacy Lives On With New Book: ‘Noodle Conquers Comfy Mountain’

It’s been a little more than two months since Noodle, the TikTok pug famously known for deciding if a day will be a “bones day” or a “no bones day” passed away. His owner, Jonathan Graziano, is keeping his memory alive by posting about the popular pup on TikTok. And now add a new children’s book in the works that will help keep his legacy going strong.

Jonathan Graziano Recently Announced A New Book About Noodle

Jonathan Graziano
Jongraz – TikTok

In a recently shared TikTok video, Graziano announces his big news. “I’ve got some amazing news for you. I mentioned earlier this month that I will have some exciting announcements for you. I have one of them today, and I’m freaking out. I filmed this 10 times, I can’t stop crying,” he said with excitement in his voice. “Okay, we’re doing another book. You guys, we’re doing another book – ‘Noodle Conquers Comfy Mountain.’”

The first book, “Noodle and the No Bones Day” became a New York Times bestseller. It tells the story of what a “bones” and a “no bones” day is and why being kind to yourself is important.

Noodle the Pug on TikTok
Jongraz – TikTok

The second book will be released later this year on November 7, and can be pre-ordered now. “We’re working with the same amazing publisher Simon and Schuster, and really brilliant illustrator Dan Tavis to continue to tell another story about Noodle,” he said emotionally. “I hope I can tell stories about him forever.”

Graziano explained that they began working on the book back in August, which was a few months before Noodle passed away. With more than 4.5 million followers, it’s safe to say this book will be well received, as Noodle was mourned by so many after his sudden death. See the video HERE.

Many of Graziano’s followers took to the comments to leave their thoughts on this announcement. “Not me crying at my desk at work. I love Noodle so much!😢😭🥰,” one follower wrote. Another added, “Noodles legacy lives on 🤍,” to which Graziano replied, “the eternal king!!”

One fan requested something more than a book. “We would like a Noodle documentary please. A collection of the best moments. Sending love.” And another follower added, “I’m watching this wearing my “no bones day” shirt🥰.”

Many of Noodle’s Fans Help Jonathan Graziano Keep The Pug’s Memory Alive And Well

Jonathan Graziano on TikTok
Jongraz – TikTok

Graziano is still mourning the loss of his furry bestie, and so are many of Noodle’s fans. In a recent video, Graziano shows how some of Noodle’s fans are keeping his memory alive and putting a smile on Graziano’s face in the process.

A large envelope arrived in Graziano’s mailbox from an elementary school in Louisville, Kentucky and he wanted to share the contents with his TikTok followers and fellow Noodle lovers.

“Look! There are so many of these, you guys, I cannot tell you how much this means to me,” he said as he held up a stack of drawings. He then read what the top picture said on it, “Today, I am having a no bones day. I’m feeling that way because my mom woke me up.”

He then went through the stack of thoughtful drawings the students sent to him. “I’m going to go through all of these. Thank you so much for sending them to me,” he said. “You are all so talented. It means the world to know that you love this dog and you love bones or no bones days.”

Graziano began looking through the drawings again and stopped at one particular picture. “Oh my word James. You, James, keep doing what you’re doing,” he said. “Look at the detail you were able to capture.”

See the full video HERE.

Jonathan Graziano on TikTok
Jongraz – TikTok

One follower had an idea for Graziano. “You should pick a random one everyday just so we know if it’s still a bones or no bones day 🥺.” Another follower also had an idea for the drawings. “You should scan in the images and get a digital photo frame to display a slide show! Those are fantastic!”

One follower pointed out, “I love that you’ve taught these children language that expresses how they feel,” to which Graziano replied, “it’s the most remarkable thing I can’t believe it.”

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