TikToker Who Received Scam Email Pays It Forward When Drew Barrymore Gifted Her $250

When TikToker Emily Feret got a scam email from someone claiming to be Drew Barrymore, she had no idea the excitement that was ahead for her. Instead of just deleting the email and forgetting about it, she responded multiple times and created a hilarious video about the experience for TikTok. Her funny take on the ordeal landed her on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

In one of the back-and-forth emails from the scammer, they requested $250 from Feret in order to meet Barrymore in person. Feret responded, “Drew, I’m so sorry. In order to meet me, I will actually need $250.” Well, Barrymore actually sent her $250 and will be flying her to New York City to be on the show in the near future.

Emily Feret Used The Money Drew Barrymore Sent Her To Pay It Forward

TikToker Emily Feret
Emilyjeanne333 – TikTok

In a recent video shared on both Instagram and TikTok, Feret explains what she did with the $250 that Barrymore sent her. “Hi! I’m the girl that Drew Barrymore sent $250, and no I’m not joking,” she began her video. “She really did send me $250 in a gift card, and I have this awesome platform, so I want to talk about Feed My Starving Children.”

Emily Feret on TikTok
Emilyjeanne333 – TikTok

Feret paid it forward with the money Barrymore sent her by helping this organization with a donation. “I’m a big believer in what you get you put back out into the world tenfold,” she said. “So we are going to donate. I wish I had 10 grand but this will do some good.”

She then explained that she didn’t make this video to gain any new followers or more views, she just wanted to share this organization’s information with her followers. “I’m just grateful I just had the opportunity to do that,” she said. “So thanks Drew.”

Feret’s TikTok followers took to the comments to talk about the organization and about Feret’s amazing experience. “I love that you used this surprise attention for * good *! You’re awesome ❤️,” one follower wrote. “Have volunteered there in the Aurora area before,” another said.

Another follower thanked her for bringing attention to the organization. “Thank you for bringing this to your platform Emily! ❤️”

Emily Feret Will Be On “The Drew Barrymore Show” Soon!

Emily Feret and Drew Barrymore
Emilyjeanne333 – TikTok

After the surprise of showing up on “The Drew Barrymore Show” via a Zoom call, Feret will soon be flying out to New York City to actually be on the show and finally meet Barrymore in person. After the two chatted a bit on the show about the email and how it all came to be, Barrymore told Feret about that plan.

“I don’t know yet when, but they said it will be in the next couple of months,” Feret exclusively told The Blast. “I’ve never been to New York. It will likely be a mom trip and I’m just so excited to see a place I’ve never been to and to meet Drew Barrymore.”

Feret, along with her social media followers, really love how this story has played out from a scam email to all of this positive attention. “I love that the origin of this was someone trying to mess with me,” she said. “I hope they see all this.”

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