Tom Brady Smashes Another Tablet During Football Game After Previously Apologizing

Tension was high during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panther game yesterday afternoon, which ultimately ended with Tom Brady and the Bucs falling short of winning.

Brady was seen on the sideline, once again taking his frustrations out on the sports equipment.

Tom Brady Throws Another Tablet

Tom Brady NFL Football 2022: Steelers vs Buccaneers

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could not even get in the end zone during yesterday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers. The only points the Bucs scored were thanks to Ryan Succop’s field goal, as the final score was 21-3.

Brady was seen on the sideline, extremely frustrated not being able to pull anything together offensively, and he took h anger out on the tea’s equipment (again).

The video above shows Brady throwing tablets in two games — the first during an away game against the New Orleans Saints and once during yesterday’s home game against the Panthers.

Comments poured in on the Instagram post, mocking the NFL quarterback. “TB12 working on his throwing form with iPads 🤣,” one fan wrote.

Another user commented, “Tom should have stayed in retirement.”

Brady issued an apology for his behavior during the Saints game, however, he has not yet spoken about the tablet-throwing incident from yesterday’s game.

This Isn’t Brady’ First Tablet Throwing Incident

Tom Brady
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During Week 3, Tom Brady was frustrated with his team and the 45-year-old was caught throwing and breaking a tablet on the sideline.

Things turned around for the Buccaneers as they ended up defeating the Saints 20-10. After the game ended, Brady shared a video on Twitter addressing the tablet incident.

“Great win to get to 2-0,” Brady started in the video before apologizing for his behavior earlier in the game. “Sorry for breaking that tablet,” he said smiling, “I think that’s going to be another Twitter meme or something like that.”

What’s Next For the Bucs?

Tom Brady & Cristiano Ronaldo in their training kits

The Bucs are not playing their best football right now as they are currently 3-4, something that is shocking to many NFL fans. This is the only other time Tom Brady has been under .500 since a Week One loss to the Saints in 2020.

When Bucs head coach Todd Bowles was asked what the team needs to do mentally to move forward, he responded with “Toughness.”

He continued, “You’ve got to have mental toughness and mental fortitude. The older guys have to prove they can still play. The younger guys got to prove they belong, and the coaches got to get better every day. That’s really it. Toughness. Mental toughness.”

Brady also spoke out on the team’s performance, saying, “We’re plenty capable of making plays. We’re just not making them consistently enough to score points. Make a big play. Make a bad play. Make a big play. Make a bad play. In football, it’s just not good enough. You can’t play like that. You got to string enough good plays together to get the ball into the red area and score points. Just haven’t done that.”

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting ready to face Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, who is an MVP candidate with his 4-3 team, throwing for 1,400 yards and 13 touchdowns, in Thursday Night Football on October 27.

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