Tom Hanks Is Dapper For ‘Big Day’ As He Preps For 66th Birthday!

Tom Hanks turned 66 this Saturday, but given his wholesome appeal and boyish grace, it hardly seems so much time has flown by. The actor was last seen in “Elvis”, or should we say is currently being seen in the biopic, as he plays the role of Elvis’ embattled agent, Colonel Tom Parker.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were also the first to fall to COVID in 2020, back when the actor was 63 when they were in Australia. Luckily, both recovered without any long-lasting effects, and now looking at how dapper Tom Hanks looks at 66 nothing can bring this much-loved actor down and it gladdens our hearts.

Tom Hanks As Colonel Tom Parker Divides The Audience

Tom Hanks turns 66

Tom Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker in the Austin Butler starring, Baz Luhrmann biopic, “Elvis”. He does with a bulbous nose and a Dutch accent that could put cliched circus owners to shame. The story of Elvis in this movie, much to the dismay of many, is told from Parker’s perspective. Given that Parker was accused of murder, and later became the villain in Elvis’ story, for real.

The only interest Parker had was the money he could earn out of Elvis, and his merchandising alone grossed over $22 million by the end of 1957. He sold everything Elvis: hats, lipstick, sneakers, charm bracelets, record players, even “I Hate Elvis” buttons. He remained in charge of Elvis Presley’s estate even after his death, outliving the King by more than 20 years.

What interested Hanks in the character, as he mentioned in the press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, “I’m not interested in playing a bad guy just for the sake of [it being like], ‘Before I kill you, Mr. Bond, would you like a tour of my installation.’ What Baz tantalized me with, right off the bat, was here’s a guy who saw the opportunity to manifest a once-in-a-lifetime talent into a cultural force.”

Rita Wilson Wished Her Husband On Instagram

Tom Hanks turns 66
Instagram | Tom Hanks

Rita Wilson took to Instagram to wish Hanks. She posted a cool picture of him, looking rather relaxed in shorts, and put the caption, “Happy Birthday !!!!! Love you so much and every day. 🎂🎂🎂”

Celebs and fans were quick to add in their wishes, given Tom Hanks has turned comments off on his.

Christy Turlington wrote, “Happy Birthday, Tom! Great photo @ritawilson We miss you guys.”

One Instagrammer also commented on the lack of trousers, writing, “Many happy returns to dear Tom. Wonderful birthday treat to not have to wear trousers. I have removed mine in an act of solidarity.”

More comments followed:

“Happy birthday to Tom!!! I’m going to sing 70s jingles in his honor out loud all day!! ”

“Oh, Happy, happy Birthday Tom!! 🌸🙏 thank you for making us remember, through your characters, what love and life feel like, in our hearts 🙂 big big hug Rita, to both !!”

“Happy birthday Tom, one of my all-time favorite Actors. I don’t think I’ve missed many of your films. You’re amazing hip hooray.”

Here’s a pantless Tom Hanks, but not in the way you think!

Tom Hanks Makes For A Dapper 66!

Tom Hanks turns 66
Instagram | Tom Hanks

If you thought this picture looked a little strange, well, this is Tom Hanks in character as Colonel Tom Parker, and Hanks writes in a funny caption, “Ask this man for directions. Hanx.”

Hanks may be on social media, but he’s turned comments off on Instagram, so none of his 9.3 million followers can wish him, but we are sure they are dancing to his tune.

Fans can at least listen to his kinda music,  and music, and revel in it. The link is given in his post, which will take you to Boss Radio 66 belting out Hanks’ choice of music.

But we have to say, the man looks very cool as he dresses up in near Men In Black style, writing, “Big day. Grateful. How old is this dude? Hanx”

We know it’s 66, but when it comes to Tom Hanks, the one word that comes to mind is eternal. Happy Birthday, Tom Hanks!

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