Top Mark Harmon Story Of 2021: Guilty About ‘NCIS’ Affecting His Marriage To Pam Dawber

This year saw Mark Harmon do the unthinkable: leave NCIS. Leroy Gibbs is off to Alaska but could return someday. Did Harmon leave the show with regrets? Or was it to please his wife? Our top Harmon rumor of 2021 says he left the hit series because his marriage is falling apart.

Racked With Guilt

Years ago, Pauley Perrette left NCIS on pretty bad terms. She was not happy with Harmon and voiced her frustrations on the way out the door. Per OK!, Perrette’s words still live rent-free in Harmon’s head. According to its sources, “She was basically told to shut up or leave, and Mark has a lot of guilt over that. What went down between him and Pauley has haunted him ever since.”

Perrette isn’t the only one making him feel guilty. Harmon’s wife Pam Dawber guilted him into quitting as well. An insider said she “demanded that Mark live up to his promise to leave the show.” Harmon hopes that both women will forgive him one day.

The tabloid was playing off years-old tension to make Harmon’s NCIS exit more dramatic than it really is. There’s unresolved tension between Perrette and Harmon, true, but he never seemed to care. Furthermore, Harmon hasn’t left the show forever. Showrunner Steve Binder made it clear that Gibbs could definitely return someday. 

As for the marital drama, why would Dawber sit idly by for 18 years only to make demands in year 19? She appeared alongside her husband on his final season as the lead on NCIS as well, so she clearly has no problems with the show.

It looks like Harmon is enjoying his retirement in Montana away from the spotlight. It’s hard to think that someone so successful would be kicking himself over how his exit went. NCIS fans are convinced that he’s coming back very soon, but only time will tell if and when Gibbs returns.

Other Harmon Rumors

Tabloids slammed the door on Harmon as he left NCIS. The Globe called him a “moody monster,” while OK! christened him “Mr. Boring.” Gossip Cop also confronted a conspicuous amount of stories calling Harmon a stingy fellow. Why anyone should care how Harmon spends his fortune was not explained.

NCIS was always one of television’s top dramas, and Harmon was an important part of that. While he and Perrette definitely did not see eye to eye, it’s hard to imagine it causing him to quit. With nothing but speculation and bogus sources, this story was completely false.

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