Top Michael Douglas Story Of 2021: Relapsing After Tragic Family Loss

Michael Douglas has stayed in the tabloids’ eyes for decades. Typically he’s subjected to rumors surrounding his marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones, but our top Douglas rumor this year was about other family members. Did Douglas relapse after burying his father and stepmother? Let’s review the top Douglas rumor of 2021 to see what some are saying.

‘Self-Destructive Ways’

When Anne Douglas passed away, the National Enquirer was quick to claim Douglas was “in a tailspin.” The loss of his stepmother and the death of Kirk Douglas in 2020 had Douglas rocked. Pals fear Douglas could “fall back on self-destructive ways.” He attended rehab in 1992, and now the family is worried that he should go back. An addiction counselor said, “The cemetery is filled with people who thought they were in control of their addiction.”

Addiction is complicated, and grief can easily send someone spiraling. However, this story was bereft of detail or accountability. Would anyone in Douglas’ personal circle really spill the beans to the Enquirer? What was Douglas relapsing with? Since the story couldn’t answer any basic questions, Gossip Cop debunked the story.

How’s He Doing?

This story came out in May. We haven’t heard a peep about it since. Douglas obviously didn’t go to rehab, nor did he publicly relapse. The death of his loved ones cannot have been easy. The Wall Street star posted on Instagram on his father’s birthday with the caption “I miss you!”

It looks like Douglas had a fine year for himself. He starred on another of The Kominsky Method and is currently working on yet another Ant-Man film. Douglas and Zeta-Jones are still wed and attended the Emmy Awards together. The Fatal Attraction star didn’t take home any hardware, however, thanks to the unstoppable freight train that is Ted Lasso.

Rumor Mill Churns

This year saw many stories promising a divorce for Douglas and Zeta-Jones, yet they’re still together. As for the Enquirer, it regularly promotes addiction to sell magazines. Douglas was not alone, for it also claimed Gwyneth Paltrow was heading towards “rock bottom” with her drinking. We also debunked a preposterous story about Barbra Streisand’s stock addiction. While she’s been incredibly successful in finance, there’s no sign it’s become a marriage-destroying addiction.

Douglas did not relapse in 2021, at least as far as we know, so this story was completely false.

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