‘Touch Of Toffee’ Is The JLo Inspired Hair Trend Perfect For Fall

It seems like everyone is feeling nostalgic about the late ‘90s and early 2000s these days. We get why.

It was a good time, and Jenny from the block was living her best life with her new boyfriend, Ben Affleck. Déjà freaking Vu, kids. What goes around comes back around. And the fact that JLo is now 52 is a bit mind-boggling, but honestly, maybe she’s living her best life now. And her trend-setting days aren’t behind her.

JLo was seen rocking a blonde and brown hair ‘do, and we couldn’t be more obsessed. It’s called a “touch of toffee.” It sounds delicious, and it looks amazing, too.

Here’s how to get the look.

Touch Of Toffee Fall Hair Trend 

This hair trend is great for blondes and brunettes alike.

Karissa Shaudt, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, explained to Glamour, “This is a two-dimensional color with lots of tiny woven highlights. The deeper tone is a warm brunette, while the lighter highlights are closer to a medium toffee tone.”

The hint of toffee or caramel colored highlights are interspersed into a darker base giving the hair added dimension. Similar to the “buttery cup” trend for brunettes, this “touch of toffee” look is soft, flattering, and minimal. Dark blondes, brunettes, and those with wavy or straight hair will stun in this look.

Ask your stylist for a tint and full-lite with fine highlights. Stay away from anything chunky, though. The “touch of toffee” trend promises a more natural look.

DIY Toffee Highlights

If you’re tight on cash, or just love to do your own hair at home, you have some options.

For darker hair, use L’Oréal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color in Hi-Lift Cool Brown or L’Oréal Couleur Experte in French Éclair to mix up the highlight color and get a soft and subtle look.

If you have light brown hair or dark blonde hair, try using L’Oréal Couleur Experte in Iced Meringue or L’Oréal Couleur Experte in Toasted Coconut to brighten up your hair with cooler caramel highlights.

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