Truth About Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis’ ‘$315 Million’ Divorce

No Ring Means No Marriage

In December 2019, Kunis was photographed without her wedding ring on. Woman’s Day claimed this meant there was “tension” between Kunis and Kutcher stemming from, you guessed it, Kutcher’s previous marriage to Moore. A so-called source said Kunis was “hellbent on putting on a united front with Ashton,” so it was a “very strange move” getting caught without her wedding ring on. Weddings rings are a recurring element in the tabloid press as lazy magazines can get easy stories whenever stars don’t wear their bands. Kunis just didn’t have her ring on that day, but the two are still married and while their house still appears to be under construction, they did recently list the home they will be moving out of, but haven’t split.

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