Truth About Brad Pitt And Sienna Miller’s Relationship

Brad And Sienna Were Too Hot To Handle?

Moving along, not too long afterward, Life & Style claimed Miller and Pitt were “heating up.” The outlet suggested that Miller and Pitt were getting hot and heavy after they reportedly had a “cozy encounter” at the June’s Glastonbury Festival. But then the article switched up its narrative and alleged the two were “getting to know each other” which doesn’t add up. First, the two were “heating up” but then the tabloid contended they were “getting to know each other.” that makes no sense. Still, Gossip Cop dug a little deeper. The magazine also claimed the two were sending each other text messages and taking time out of their schedules to meet up. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to convince Gossip Cop that anything was going between the two. Additionally, Page Six reported earlier in 2017 that Miller clarified the rumors about her not being involved with Pitt, saying,

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