Truth About Britney Spears Mental Health in 2020

Britney Spears Suffered From Memory Loss?

Even before the singer checked into a mental health facility, the tabloid’s made ridiculous claims about Spears’ health. Two years ago, the Enquirer alleged Spears was suffering from memory loss. The paper purported the “Lucky” singer’s brain was “broken” and had gone blank. A supposed source snitched to the supermarket magazine that Spears wad forgetting stuff at an alarming rate which sparked concern among her friends and family. The phony premise was concocted after Spears forget Andy Cohen’s name when he was invited on stage during her concert in New York. Honestly, it was a mistake that even Cohen wasn’t fazed by. Plus, there were no other instances where Spears was seen “forgetting” anything. Gossip Cop dispelled this bogus story when it came out.

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