Truth About Harry Styles Dating Life

Gigi Hadid Longs For Harry Styles

Now, this was an exciting story from NW. At the time, Gigi Hadid had just broken up with fellow One Direction member Zayn Malik. She was “on the prowl” and “at the top of Gigi’s man wish list is none other than Zayn’s former bandmate.” It could have upset Kendall Jenner, a good friend of Hadid’s, but “she reckons Kenny will give her her blessing.” The whole affair would have been “a serious slap in the face for Zayn.” We’re inclined to agree that this love triangle of former bandmates would have been quite the story. It also wasn’t true in the slightest, as Hadid and Malik were only briefly separated. In fact, Hadid has recently given birth to Malik’s child, so suffice to say this Styles story was complete fiction. Engrossing fiction, but fiction nonetheless.

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