Truth About Katie Holmes Relationship Status With Emilio Vitolo

Katie Holmes Insulted Emilio Vitolo’s Food Because Of Her Crazy Diet?

The outlets then switched tactics by claiming Holmes and Vitolo Jr. were having problems. In December, New Idea asserted that the couple had gotten into their first huge argument. The supposed row, the magazine alleged, erupted over Holmes’s diet and the actress reportedly lashed out at her boyfriend. An insider revealed Vitolo Jr. “spent three hours making a sauce and she refused to even taste it, despite him begging her to.” Yet, Gossip Cop didn’t buy the notion the two had an explosive argument over food. For years, the tabloids have maintained Holmes is too thin or starving herself. The magazine seemed to just use the actress’s new relationship as an excuse to recycle the tired, incorrect narrative. Gossip Cop dismissed the piece.

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