Truth About Kelly Ripa Feuding With Co-Hosts

Kelly Ripa has been accused of not getting along with her colleagues a lot in various tabloids over the years. From Ryan Seacrest to the late Regis Philbin, the tabloids have claimed the former soap star is a bit too much to handle. Gossip Cop rounded up some stories we’ve corrected about Ripa and the alleged “feuds” she’s rumored to have been intertwined in.

Kelly Ripa Didn’t Want To Work With Tamron Hall?

In February 2017, Life & Style claimed Kelly Ripa was against Tamron Hall being a co-host Live! The tabloid asserted at the time when Hall left NBC, there were “whispers” ABC would “snatch her up.” However, the outlet alleged, the only person who was against this idea was Ripa. A so-called insider claimed Ripa was vehemently against Hall as a co-host. The unnamed source added Ripa “felt that the show does well with one female and one male co-host. She’s made it crystal clear she will be the only woman on the show.” Gossip Cop investigated the suspicious tale and was told this was incorrect. Ripa never said she had any problems with Hall. The host even stated she was open to having a female co-host.

Kelly Was Betrayed By Jerry O’Connell & Anderson Cooper?

A month later, the tabloid purported Ripa felt she was betrayed by her Live! co-hosts. The magazine insisted Ripa proclaimed she had been deceived after Michael Strahan left the show. A dubious insider stated several “men” in Ripa’s life had let her down. Some of these so-called betrayers included Jerry O’ Connell, who the outlet alleges was in “talks” to get his own show and Anderson Cooper, who supposedly “turned down” being a permanent co-host with Ripa. Gossip Cop had learned that these allegations were false and misleading. O’Connell was never in talks of getting a show and Cooper was never offered a spot on Live!

Kelly Didn’t Approve Of Ryan Seacrest’s Secret Love-Affair?

In the summer of 2019, Life & Style was again debunked by Gossip Cop for falsely claiming Ripa wasn’t happy with Ryan Seacrest’s “secret” romance. The article alleged Ripa and Seacrest’s mother, Connie, didn’t approve of him dating America’s Next Top Model contestant, Larissa Schot. “They both think it’s time he settled down… with someone his age!” “Nobody knows if this is just a rebound or if Ryan’s experiencing an actual midlife crisis,” a supposed insider snitched to the tabloid. Even though Seacrest was spotted kissing the model, Gossip Cop learned Seacrest and Schot weren’t in a relationship. Furthermore, Ripa isn’t an “overbearing” colleague that was involved in Seacrest’s personal life.

Kelly Ripa Isn’t Invited To Regis Phibin’s Funeral?

Most recently, we busted a story from OK! that declared Ripa wasn’t invited to Regis Philbin’s funeral. Philbin passed away on July 24th and since his passing, tributes have been pouring in for the television legend. Yet, the outlet contended Kelly Ripa was “rattled” with guilt because of her “non-existent” relationship with Philbin. “Kelly is notoriously stubborn and holds a grudge like no one else. Once she feels slighted, Kelly cuts people off for life. Now it is too late for her to reach out to Regis and show a little kindness,” an anonymous source tattled to the publication. Gossip Cop corrected the bogus story after speaking to a mutual pal of ours and Ripa’s who confirmed the narrative was absurd.

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