Truth About Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones Getting Divorced

Catherine To Michael: I’m Gone!

Yet, the tabloid insisted on beating a dead horse. A week later, Star proclaimed Catherine Zeta-Jones dumped Michael Douglas. The incorrect piece alleged the Chicago actress told her husband she was ending their marriage after his father’s funeral. Catherine’s been miserable for a long time – years, even – but she kept it together for their kids’ and Kirk’s sake. Kirk’s gone, and the kids are grown, so there’s just no use pretending any more,” an unnamed insider snitched to the publication. Gossip Cop wasn’t sure if the outlet had a vendetta against Douglas and Zeta-Jones or if it was simply trying to be hurtful. Nonetheless, the ludicrous piece wasn’t true. Even though we checked a qualified rep for the actress who dismissed the report, Gossip Cop found the narrative to be downright distasteful and poorly timed.

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