Truth About Sean Penn Staying Celibate Until His Ex Takes Him Back

Is Sean Penn swearing off sex? One report says he’s going to stay celibate until Leila George takes him back. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘No Carnal Knowledge For Celibate Sean!’

According to the National Enquirer, Penn is desperate to reunite with his estranged wife. “Sean hasn’t reconciled himself to the fact that his marriage to Leila is truly over,” an insider says. “He believes he still has a chance to redeem himself in her eyes, so he’s made a pledge to stay celibate and not date anyone for a year in hopes of winning her back!”

George filed for divorce in October, throwing Penn for a loop. “He realizes he made a ton of mistakes and took her for granted, so he’s decided to swear off other women to prove he can be the husband she expected him to be,” a source says. Unfortunately for the Fast Times at Ridgemont High star, it’s probably too little too late. A source concludes, “He’s even willing to open up the discussion about having children. He’ll do anything to make it right with Leila!”

What’s Going On With Sean Penn’s Divorce

Hey, did you know Leila George is actually Vincent D’Onofrio’s daughter? That interesting fun fact is the exact opposite of this story because it’s actually true. Since filing for divorce, neither George nor Penn have spoken to the press. It’s worth noting that George and Penn had been on-again-off-again before tying the knot.

Gossip Cop has no idea how Penn is processing his breakup, but we know he’s an expert on the subject. He’s famously been married to Madonna and Robin Wright, both for far longer than he was with George. He’s a renowned flirt, and there’s no sign that he’s sworn off sex. This celibacy story is just too ridiculous to believe.

Other Tall Tales

This isn’t the first time the Enquirer has pulled out the celibacy angle. In 2018, it claimed Caitlyn Jenner was staying celibate until she could wed Sophia Hutchins. A rep for the Olympian told Gossip Cop this story was “untrue” and “stupid.” It’s such a stupid claim that the tabloid put it on the shelf for years, yet here it is again.

This is actually a hare-brained follow-up to an earlier Enquirer myth. Just last week, it reported that Penn was blaming himself for the divorce. He’s since been spotted with friends, and we still have no reasons for the divorce. It seems like he’s doing fine. He also didn’t split up Julia Roberts and Danny Moder as this outlet claimed he would. It’s got no insight into Penn’s life, so you should disregard this story.

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