Twilight Star Peter Facinelli Would Return as Dr. Carlisle Cullen ‘In a Heartbeat’

Robert Pattinson couldn’t put The Twilight Saga in his rearview mirror quickly enough, but his former co-star Peter Facinelli is still open to returning to the vampire movie franchise. Though the movie series made Pattinson famous for his breakout role as Edward Cullen, fans of the movies will also remember that Facinelli also starred as family patriarch and Edward’s adoptive father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Recently speaking with People, Facinelli confessed that he’d reprise the role of Dr. Carlisle “in a heartbeat” if the opportunity came along.

“I love that character,” Peter Facinelli said of his Twilight role. “[He’s] so much fun to play and that world is so fun.”

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Still, while Facinelli is open to returning to the Twilight series, he also knows that the clock is ticking for such a project to happen with the cast not getting any younger. “Vampires aren’t supposed to age,” Facinelli says. “It’s been like ten years and everybody’s gotten older.”

Another roadblock preventing a possible Twilight reunion lies in whether its lead stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, would want to return. Pattinson has seemingly distanced himself rather far from the Twilight series in the years since playing Edward Cullen, and stepping into what could be an all-new movie franchise with The Batman may keep him extra busy for many years to come. Stewart has also put The Twilight Saga behind her with starring roles in movies like Charlie’s Angels and Underwater, and she’s given no serious indication that she’d want to revisit Bella Swan.

With or without Pattinson and Stewart, there’s still hope from fans that another movie adaptation could arrive some day. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the original Twilight novel series, has since penned the new book Midnight Sun – a retelling of the original story told from the perspective of Edward Cullen. As of now, there are no concrete plans to turn Midnight Sun into a movie, but the book selling one million copies within its first week of publication certainly doesn’t hurt those odds.

Facinelli played Dr. Carlisle Cullen in a total of five movies, starting with the original Twilight in 2008. Four sequels would follow over the next four years, concluding with Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in 2012. As a whole, the Twilight franchise seems to be one of the most divisive movie series, but while reviews are very mixed, they were all incredibly successful. Altogether, the movie series earned over $3.3 billion in box office ticket sales, with New Moon even holding the record as the ninth-highest opening weekend in United States history.

Time will tell if Facinelli will ever sparkle in the sunlight again, but there are other ways to enjoy the actor’s work. Outside of The Twilight Saga, Facinelli is also known for many other notable roles, including Nurse Jackie‘s Dr. Cooper and Supergirl‘s Maxwell Lord. More recently, he completed work on his latest movie The Vanished, which Facinelli wrote and directed in addition to starring in. “I poured a lot into that movie. When you give it over to an audience you never know how they’re gonna respond but it’s been a great response,” Facinelli said of the new movie.

This news comes to us from People.

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