‘Twin Peaks’ Fans Celebrate The Beloved Cult Series On February 24th!

On February 24th, 1989, Special Agent Dale Cooper entered the small town of “Twin Peaks, U.S.A” to solve the mysterious murder of a shy prom queen.

Pop culture would soon never be the same; the fictional special agent and the crop of wacky characters making up the whimsical town birthed from the mind of David Lynch would go on to reframe primetime television forever!

In the early 1990s, actor and director David Lynch, who is responsible for cult films like “Wild At Heart” and “Blue Velvet” would make his mark on TV with “Twin Peaks.”

Lynch, now 77, created a world unlike anything seen on prime time up until that point.

The first season of “Twin Peaks” focuses on the murder of Laura Palmer. Laura was seemingly the prom queen with a heart of gold, but Dale Cooper and the citizens of Twin Peaks would soon discover there was a darker and more sinister side to the town’s most beloved resident and viewers couldn’t get enough!

The series would ultimately only last for two seasons before it would be canceled, but “Twin Peaks” would not have a short shelf-life; the “Twin Peaks” canon would expand with a theatrical film released in 1992, and its cult-like fan reception would lead to a series reboot in 2017.

Fans have remained so loyal to the series to the point of commemorating “Twin Peaks” every year on February 24th, which marks the anniversary of when Dale Cooper enters the quiet town and transforms it forever!

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ‘Twin Peaks Day!’

“Twin Peaks” may be celebrated daily on the internet by its fans, but party time is taken to another level every year on February 24th!

Memes of the pilot episode scene where Kyle McLachlan’s Dale Cooper drives into town while speaking into a tape recorder to his assistant, Diane, who remains perpetually absent throughout the series, (she doesn’t appear on screen until the reboot!), populate newsfeeds every year.

Towns all over the world have special declarations of mayor-approved “Twin Peaks” days; in Snoqualmie, Washington, where the series was filmed, fans can visit locations from the series to celebrate the big day!

How Are Fans Celebrating The Big Day?

The collective love for “Twin Peaks” on the internet and social media has inspired a constant stream of entertaining ideas to commemorate “Twin Peaks” day!

Twitter fans are discussing binging the show in a collective marathon; for those who have never entered the world of Twin Peaks can cruise on through along with Agent Cooper by streaming the series on Amazon Prime or Paramount Plus, or on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Others are wishing fellow Peaks pals a da*n fine cup of coffee or a beautiful slice of cherry pie!

A “Twin Peaks-themed rewatch podcast tweeted a photo of a surely Agent Cooper-approved doughnut topped with jelly; the idea of consuming 15 jelly doughnuts wouldn’t be out of the ordinary on February 24th!

MacLachlan also commemorated “Twin Peaks” on his Twitter!

“it is happening again,” MacLachlan tweeted, “So many memorable moments from the show; these are just a few of my favorites…” He also invited his followers to weigh in with their favorite moments from the series.

“I have no idea how DL [Lynch] and MF [Mark Frost] manage to capture that haunting ratio of beauty/tragedy so consistently,” a fan contributed to the discussion, sharing a photo of ‘The Log Lady’ and Deputy Hawk from the reboot; Catherine Coulson, who brought the Log Lady to life, passed away two years before “Twin Peaks: The Return” premiered.

The final scene of “Twin Peaks: The Return” was mentioned in the thread, where a confused Dale Cooper experiences a time warp, wondering what year it was.

A “Twin Peaks” fan shared photos of their encounters with MacLachlan and Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) at a fan convention, and gave their followers the scoop on their kindness!

“On this Twin Peaks day I just want to confirm @Kyle_MacLachlan has a firm but gentle handshake, and Sheryl Lee has the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen up close. They are both angels from heaven and I’ll bare-knuckle box anyone who speaks ill of them,” they shared.

Happy “Twin Peaks” Day!

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