U.S. Agent Springs Into Action in New The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Set Video

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier set video features U.S. Agent/John Walker in action with Captain America’s iconic shield. The production was up and running again this week in Atlanta, which is where this footage comes from. It had been rumored earlier this week that the production had gone back to work, but it had not been confirmed until now. The Disney+ series was nearing completion back in March when it had to shut down due to the public health crisis.

It appears that Marvel Studios has figured out a way to get The Falcon and the Winter Soldier production up and running in a safe manner. The aforementioned footage from the set is taken from above and it shows the crew looking on as an action scene takes place. U.S. Agent can be seen fighting off an unknown attacker with Captain America’s shield. A vehicle is on fire in the background of the scene. It’s unclear what exactly is going on since this is obviously leaked footage.

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U.S. Agent has been teased in the past. He was briefly featured in the tiny bit of footage from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that was released for the Super Bowl earlier this year. Details about the show’s exact storyline are being kept under wraps at the moment, but we do know that John Walker will be introduced and that it is more than likely bad news for Anthony Mackie’s Falcon character, who was Captain America’s personal choice to take over the shield, as evidenced in Avengers: Endgame. It appears that the United States government has other ideas about who they’d like defending the country.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier set video seems to prove that the government wanted John Walker to take on the shield, since he is wielding it. In addition, Walker, aka U.S. Agent, is wearing a uniform that looks a lot like Captain America’s, which was also teased in the brief official footage that we have seen. The uniform was previously teased in some official concept art for the series that leaked a few months ago. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are not present in the latest look at the show.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one of the most anticipated shows of the year. It was supposed to be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe project to debut on Disney+, though the studio has never given a concrete release date. It is believed that the series was originally supposed to debut in August, but that idea was scrapped when the public health crisis brought everything to a screeching halt. After finishing up some scenes in Atlanta, the production will then move to Prague, as long as everything goes according to plan. You can check out The Falcon and the Winter Soldier footage above, thanks to the Everything Georgia Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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