UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Reads A Book In Sexy Lingerie

Though Brittney Palmer is best known for her work inside the Octagon as a UFC Ring Girl — she has gone on to be a three-time winner of Ringcard Girl of the Year and is very popular amongst MMA fans — the 35-year-old also spends a lot of her time building up her Instagram following and creating content for her OnlyFans account.

Her most recent post grabbed the attention of her 1.1 million followers as she posed in sheer black lingerie, sitting on a couch, reading a book with glasses.

Many of Palmer’s friends commented on the post, including fitness model Lauren Drain, who said, “Sheeeeeshhh 🔥🔥🔥🤓🤓🤓.”

One of her followers also commented, “Sexy Reading Time! 😛😛😛.”

Others chimed in with emojis including the fire flame emoji and the red heart emoji.

Brittney Palmer Opens Up About Posing For Playboy

Brittney Palmer arrives at the 26th Annual Los Angeles Art Show Opening Night Gala

Prior to her OnlyFans account, Brittney Palmer shocked her fans when she appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine in 2012.”It’s a great story, again I was really young so to be a part of something so big so young it was really, really cool,” Palmer said when speaking to the experience.

“There was a lot of nerves attached to it. I remember Steve Shaw, which was my photographer, he had to open a bottle of champagne and it was like 10 am. He was like ‘We gotta get her some champagne to loosen her up’,” she continued. “I was so nervous because I was used to doing photoshoots before, but on a shoot like that you have a staff of maybe 20 people working on this shoot and everybody’s poking at you.”

Overall, Palmer loved the experience she had with Playboy as she went on to say, “But it was really cool and Playboy treated me very well. I did a beautiful press tour after, which was super fun. I got to go to big news station and really make it something big and UFC was really supportive and on board and the rest was history.”

Brittney Palmer Recently Visited Disneyland

Brittney Palmer Disneyland
Instagram | Brittney Palmer

The UFC Ring Girl recently went to a galaxy, far, far, away as she stepped inside Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park in California.

Palmer wore black leather leggings, and a beige long-sleeve crop top complete with white sneakers as she attempted to fly the iconic Millennium Falcon

Disneyland Guests can ride in the famous cockpit of the Millennium Falcon while on Smuggler’s Run — an attraction inside Galaxy’s Edge. Whether Guests take on being the pilot, engineer or gunner, every role is crucial. It looks like Palmer was the pilot.

Will Brittney Palmer Retire Soon?

UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer
Instagram | Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer has been part of the UFC world as a Ring Girl for 17 years, but she does not plan on leaving any time soon as she confessed she still loves what she does for the UFC.

“Dana’s gonna have to drag me by my hair,” Palmer said jokingly. “Who knows? I just kind of live today, and today I’m working for UFC. So we’ll see.”

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