WandaVision Hasn’t Revealed Its Biggest Surprise MCU Cameo Yet

Remember when Paul Bettany earlier revealed that WandaVision would feature a cameo from a big actor? The cameo was said to be in line with the likes of Mark Hamill’s return as Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian. And then, in Episode 5, titled On A Very Special Episode, we got a big-time screen-shattering cameo from Evan Peters, as Wanda’s deceased brother Pietro.

However, Paul Bettany has now revealed that it wasn’t Peters he was talking about when he hinted a highly significant cameo to the new MCU canon Disney+ series. In a recent interview, Bettany has stated that “there is still one character that hasn’t been revealed yet”. Bettany also said that the cameo will be of a big actor that he has “longed to work with”.

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This means that Evan Peters isn’t the only major actor who’ll be making a surprise appearance in WandaVision. Earlier, Peters’ cameo paved a way for major discussion around the involvement of X-Men or Mutants within the MCU. These discussions were fueled by the fact that Peters has previously portrayed Quicksilver in the now defunct X-Men Franchise. Taking his cameo as a sign of Mutants’ integration into the MCU, Peters’ cameo led to tonnes of theories related to the future of MCU and introduction of Multiverses.

However, two episodes later, we haven’t received any significant detail about Peters’ appearance. And with this new update from Bettany, the hype on WandaVision has gone up. Bettany has even revealed that the scene with this unknown actor will involve Bettany as well and there will be “Fireworks” when they both appear on-screen.

Paul Bettany was successful in not teasing “too much” about this “second cameo”, unlike previous MCU legends Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo. However, fans are already speculating that the MCU supervillain Mephisto is going to make his live-action debut, while some hopeful ones are still eyeing for another mutant (like Ian McKellen’s Magneto) to make an appearance. Looks like people can’t wait to have X-Men and Avengers get together soon.

WandaVision is now seven episodes down and there’s just two more of them to go. The way things are unraveling, it’s unlikely that the series will be a conclusive one. The series will further connect with MCU film Doctor Strange in the Madness of Multiverse and Disney+ series Loki.

Possibly, we’d have to wait for these two MCU entries to release before we can actually figure out what is happening in Westview. Moreover, with the new Agnes twist and introduction of Agatha Harkness, there are several new plot points that Marvel may include in the hopeful and potential “Season 2” of the series. Until then, let’s just hope that Bettany’s secret on-screen collaboration with the big actor he has dreamt of working with, will lead to a big MCU-level event for viewers to engross in.

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