WandaVison Episode 4 Trailer Is on the Verge of Unraveling a Big Secret

Marvel Studios has released a new teaser for WandaVision episode 4. The brief footage appears to take viewers out of Westview as Wanda and Vision’s secret begins to unravel. So far, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have only seen some cracks in Wanda’s new reality, which came to a head in episode 3 when she made sure that Geraldine was sent far away after she spoke about Quicksilver and Ultron. Now it seems that viewers are going to get some extra clues as to what it really happening in the Disney+ series.

The new footage from WandaVision takes us outside of Westview and teases some action. Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo makes an appearance in the brief footage and it looks like something big is occurring as Woo runs in a field. As to what is happening exactly, that is unclear at the moment. Over the course of three episodes, WandaVision has continued to add questions as opposed to answer them, but Friday’s episode looks like MCU fans may finally get some real answers.

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As for who the villain in WandaVision could be, that is currently unclear. Some fans are under the assumption that it is actually Wanda Maximoff, while others aren’t sure what is unfolding just yet. Elizabeth Olsen recently spoke about the villain factor in the show. “Someone said to me when you watch any of these hero movies, you know when the villain’s about to show themselves, and you also have an idea of who the villain is. With our show, you don’t know what the villain is, or if there is one at all,” Olsen said. “Wanda is trying to protect everything in her bubble, protect what she and Vision have and this experience. I think everything she does is in response to keeping things together.”

The villain factors in WandaVision have a lot of fans thinking that the series is taking cues from the House of M storyline from the comics. There has been plenty of evidence to support these theories from spreading, but Marvel Studios has yet to confirm anything. Plus, even if it is based on the specific comic book story, it will be changed up a bit, since the studio never really takes things and presents them on the screen exactly how they play out in the comic book source material.

Regardless of who the real villain is in WandaVision, it is clear that something dangerous is happening. Thankfully, the new episode is only a few days away, so we’ll have some questions answered, while more than likely gaining a whole new set curiosities. With that being said, all of this is setting the stage for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is making MCU fans pay extra close attention to every little detail of the Disney+ series. You can check out the new WandaVision footage above, thanks to the official Marvel Studios Twitter account.

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