Watch Britney Spears Dance To Beyonce While Looking Like An Absolute Star

I know Britney Spears isn’t wearing anything super fancy here. This isn’t exactly like a performance style costume, but there’s just something about her that always feels so compelling to look at. She just has an energy about her. I saw her in person once at a live screening of The X-Factor, and when she came out for a Q&A, people were just mesmerized (myself included). No one else, including famed reality show judge Simon Cowell, attracted the same level of interest. She was Britney Spears. She knew it, and everyone else knew it. That’s how I feel watching this video. We might all dance at home to popular music and play like we’re celebrities, but when she records a video like this, she immediately looks the part.

Of course it’s nice to see Britney Spears get some press for a story that doesn’t involve her conservatorship. Both fans and media outlets have been extremely invested in her personal life recently, mostly having to do with the specifics of her guardianship (and a little bit to do with her gym burning down). The starlet was first placed under a conservatorship back in 2008 after some high profile incidents. Her father, Jamie, oversaw her care for about a decade, but that responsibility has since been passed on to Jodi Montgomery. In short, a conservatorship is a legal order that gives someone else responsibility over certain decisions, specifically related to finances and health care.

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